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Treatment in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, housed in the Marricopa County in the state of Arizona and has a high rate of drug abuse. This suburb of Phoenix, has a population of 260,833 with a 61.6% Caucasian, 20.4% Hispanic,8.5% Asian, 5% African-American and about 2.7% multiracial population. Chandler is prosperous place with a median income of about $75,369 and all possible amenties for its citizens. It is a city filled with elements of culture, but unfortunately is also known for its flourishing drug rings which are responsible for the never ending supply of drugs. The city experiences a high rate of crimes attributed to these Drug Cartels.

Chandler Drug and Alcohol Treatment, The Recover
If you live in Mesa and have fallen victim to substance abuse don’t hesitate to seek treatment. There are enormous resources in at your disposal.

Chandler's struggles

The youths of the city of Chandler are the principal consumers of drug and alcohols. Ranging from Alcohol and Marijuana, which are the two most consumed substances, to street goods such as Heroin, Cocaine or the Date rape drug, are up for utilization. According to the state statistics, the consumers start young in 8th grade and seem to begin with inhalants and prescription medicines that act as gateway substances to opioids and psychostimulants, increasing usage furthermore by the time they reach 12th grade. Though the efforts made by Law enforcements have greatly reduced abuse within the last ten years, but the growth of Drug Cartels from Mexico, Asia and Columbia ensure a heavy influx of drugs, making the epidemic as ghastly as it always was.

With the assistance of Naloxene deployement, communal awareness programs in schools as well as places of work, excess prescription drug collection/disposal and introducing proper treatment provisions, people in Chandler have been trying to put a stop to the ever rising ratio of overdose deaths. The state keeps a rigrous track of those using drugs and those getting treatment for addiction, in order to get the epidemic under control. People of Chandler have been working towards this problem by providing specialized workshops to people in the community to help them recognize signs of addiction and respond effectively to help that person. Their understanding is that with adequate awareness the people can prevent deaths by drug overdose and misuse of medication. For this very purpose, the community has prepared special educative resources for the youth.

Help is available in Chandler

Chandler has an abundance of Rehabilitation Facilities in and around the city, for people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. These centers can treat people for some of the highly abused drugs in Chandler like Controlled Prescription Drugs (CPDs) –Vicodin, OxyContin, Valium, Xanax, Opioids –heroin, codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone and Psychostimulants –Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Methylphenidante, Ritalin and Ecstasy. The treatment facilities are equally focused on mental health and offer dual diagnosis.

There are many centers specially focused on attending to teenagers and young adults. They have specific treatment plans keeping in mind their very specific mental, emotional and social needs.These centers aim to make the program fun – enthusiastic sobriety – making sure that the person is fully involved in the treatment by their own will. The treatment plan may be formulated around their school or college life, making sure that healing does not hamper their education and career.

Chandler also, has a broad variety of psychotherapists to help the people in confronting challenges associated withthe drug abuse. Thus, be it marriage and family counselors, trauma counselors, neuropsychologists, emotionally focused therapists and drug abuse specialists, they all are equipped with the right technical abilities to help the citizens with complications they might be faceing regarding the substance abuse.

Many similar rehabilitation facilities around chandler are situated in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Gilbert.


Chandler houses a variety of rehab centers, which can help people recover on their terms. One can easily access information for healing via the official websites for each facility as well as center customized search engines that offer to help people and find a rehab of their choice. People can also gather information through chat based information centers as well as helpline numbers. When one has decided on where they wish to get treatment from, they enter the ASSESSMENT phase.

The facilities in Chandler aim at making the treatment process as clear and concise as possible for their potential clients. They ensure that the entire procedure of assessment as well as admission, is made as smooth and insightful as possible for both parties.

During this phase, that can be also called Pre-Admissions Assessment, clients are asked to provide a full history of their personal and professional background, symptoms related to addiction and other medical issues and circumstantial behavior, so that the clinical team can understand the required intricacies and henceforth, customize treatment as well as fabricate an individual oriented treatment plan for each and every client.

The rehab counselors understand that in many cases, clients may withhold valid information because they consider it embarrassing and their revelation may render them vulnerable. But because hiding information only delays the process of recovery, the clinical team encourages the clients to be as forthcoming as possible by generating a safe environment through gentle conversational regime.   The process also expects the involvement of the family members to understand the client’s life better.

Next, the medical team of the rehab facility conducts multiple indepth assessments of its patients’ intellectual strengths along with weaknesses, and conducts a clinical personality test. This has come to be known as the Biopsychosocial Assessment. This aims at observing a prospective client’s habits and behavior, which greatly assists the treatment team to create a treatment plan specific to a client’s need and requirement. Every person undergoes a full medical checkup, during which the physician inquires in-depth about any pre-existing conditions and any medical conditions that may run in the family, in order to create provisions for any potential complications in the course of treatment.

Admission and Intake

After a thorough assessment is complete , an admission date is set for the client to begin their treatment. In order to assist the client in a step that can most definitely be a source of anxiety, family and loved ones are recommended to stay by their side. The client is paired with a case manager or a personnel to facilitate the admission process. This person is also responsible for acting as a link of communication between the client and their family, while they are in treatment. Clients commence the admission stage by completing the adequate paperwork.

The INTAKE process encompasses the client receiving any and all information about their stay in the rehab facility. Ranging from house rules, to daily routine schedules, information about treatment plan and introduction with the medical team and staff that will engage with the client. By answering all questions, the rehab facility tries their best to create a welcoming environment for the client.

Understanding the fears and pressures of beginng the treatment, rehab centers in Chandler keep a trauma-informed team to help people take this crucial step towards healing. The change in the physical environment and the immediate absence of loved ones can be frightening and thus, rehabs wish for the families to participate in settling of their client.


Detoxification is the process of achieving emancipation against the malignant effects of drugs and alcohol. It involves weaning off a person from drugs and removing harmful and toxic substances from the body, deposited due to the long usage of drugs, through medicines and therapeutic practices. This step in the treatment is extremely significant because here, one experiences the symptoms of withdrawal such as vomiting, anxiety, weight fluctuations, hallucinations, insomnia, etc.

Addiction detoxification in Chandler is typically a 5-10-day process. The aim is to adhere to methods that would minimize any distress pertaining to withdrawal symptoms. Most part of the phase consists of client’s being helped with minimal medical treatment and supervision during the initial withdrawal process. The need of supervision arises due to the threat of relapse due to feeling of angst that by using drugs they can subside the effects of the withdrawal symptoms. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, such as buprenorphine or methadone, in collaboration with individual as well as group counseling sessions ,to help a person overcome addiction.

Along with medicines and therapy, alternate forms of treatment are popular in rehabs of Chandler. Thus, the addition of naturopathy, acupuncture, sauna, massage therapy, oral vitamin therapy, etc to the main course of treatment enable a unique form of detoxification . This holistic approach is adopted to detox not just the physical body but the mind and spirit furthermore. Hence, in an atmosphere of safety and comfort, a person may let go of substance abuse completely.

Vitamin IV therapy consists of allowing the intake of high magnesium, high vitamin B and C, complex B 5, 6, and 12’s, calcium, and zinc daily, strictly based individual specific requirements. Oral vitamin therapy incorporates certain pills, powder and drops for ideal results.Massage therapy and Sauna treatments help to detoxify by releasing any toxic elements from the body.


Inpatient Rehab

The safest option in case of recovering from the ill effects of addiction, is a residential program, as advocated by the rehabs in Chandler. Be it a detox process or a dual diagnosis, the appropriate course of action is to be in an environment where one can receive full medical attention because when a person experiences withdrawal, they not only undergo a lot of pain but they are overcome by a refractory craving to use drugs again. Thus , they require constant care and monitoring to continue on the path to recovery. The aim of an INPATIENT program is to provide a client with a build block to prevent replapse in the wake of withdrawal and foster healthy habits to avoid falling back into the unfortunate self-destructive way of being

A person undertakes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT),Expressive Art therapy, Individual as well as Group psychotherapy sessions and Neurofeedback along with meditation and yoga. Treatment in Chandler also considers healing families of addicts as a vital component and thus, encourages families and loved ones to heal together through interactive lecture sessions, therapy sessions and access to surrounding literature. The aim is to educate families for them to understand the addiction and related problems and render the adequate amount of support for healing the client.

The inpatient program lasts from about 17 to 30 days. By putting people in a structured system , addiction counselors and the medical team work to cater to the physical , mental , social as well as spiritual needs of the client. Along with about 40 hours of combined individual, group, family therapy sessions and even pastoral sessions, clients are usually given a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and are inducted into the 12 step program to recover from addiction. The around-the-clock care guarantees ample nourishment for the body and it is ensured that clients receive a proper balanced diet to supplement the effects of the medication.

The treatment plan helps the clients by making arrangements for them to understand any underlying psychiatric/psychological factors that contribute to the patient’s addiction


An OUTPATIENT treatment program in Chandler offers flexible healing plan that allow people with addiction to engage in both their daily tasks and treatment. Such a form of treatment is ideal for those who might have to attend work and school. It is also befitting for those who have completed a residential detox treatment plan and wish to pursue treatment further, in a structured format. People with children and other dependant loved ones, can continue to stay with their family by opting for the outpatient treatmen plan and access familial support, which is an equally important part of their healing.

Outpatient treatment includes therapy that is focused on the client’s personal growth and helps them foster self-esteem, relationship with family and maintain community participation. The program holds Life Skill Workshops for clients and includes career outlining, financial management, stress management and other significant fundamentals. The Individualized Counseling Sessions are meant for the client to address any grief or trauma that might have encouraged the drug seeking behavior. These sessions also help a person deal with boundary issues and personal relationships that may be hampered due to drug abuse. Thus, counselling takes step towards identifying triggers that may pressurize a person to use drugs again and find a solution for defusing the triggers without causing any harm to themselves.

The treatment plan assists people in understanding how they can integrate the 12 step program efficiently in their life. People have the space and time to develop the right skill to overcome self-destructive habits through therapy and nutritional counselling by understanding what their body and mind require to function sober. With the help of the right nutritional diet and fitness activities like yoga and exercise, people can prepare themselves to face the challenges on the path to sobriety.

Outpatient Addiction Rehab Center

Aftercare and Sober Living

One of the most significant steps of recovery is what happens after treatment is completed. The rehabs at Chandler attempt to provide the clients with the suitable instruments to re-enter the actual world and remain sober for the rest of their life. It is understood that returning back to the previous life that holds numerous stressors could be injurious to one’s healing process. Therefore, the process of aftercare is a crucial step that every recovering addict must take.

Chandler houses many counselors and many after care programs which provide people with the right ground to find support and backing of any kind. Through the tool of individual psychotherapy, people can venture into the dark corners of their life and make an effort to find healthy ways of dealing with uneasy circumstances and other people. They can continue to work on the stressors of their life and keep building the right skills to function smoothly in personal and professional life. They can enroll themselves in activites that may help them stay focused towards their goal of healing and find a way to battle any stress that they may be facing.

There are plenty support groups in Chandler including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Such group counselling sessions allow people to listen to those who have beaten all odds to remain sober and share the experiences of their struggle. This exercise of listening fosters understanding among people and fills them with strength to overcome struggles.

In many cases, people new out of treatment feel that no matter what measure they may take, they will be vulnerable in the real world and may fall prey to drugs once again. Such people make a definite choice to stay in Sober Homes till the time they feel they are ready to face the world. For a mending addict, sober living is a space where they may or may not share a home with a fellow recovering person. This space is a strictly drug and alcohol free ,meant to allow people to live in a safe, responsible and trigger free environment. Housemates support each other and practice healthy living habits. Though a sober home is not as strictly structured as a rehab center, but has rules that allow the inhabitants to maintain path on the road to recovery. Here they can work on finding jobs, patching up their lives in any way possible while keeping regular contact with family and loved ones.