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Featured Rehab Centers in Americus

Americus, Georgia

Once addicts decide that they would like to transform their lives for the better by seeking treatment, the next step would involve exploring the different treatment facilities found in Americus, Georgia to select the best facility for their treatment. Individuals need to keep in mind the fact that no single institution would suit all their needs more so for the short-term treatment programs. However, speaking to an addiction treatment professional can come in handy in helping individuals to find the right treatment program that catered for a person’s needs. The addiction treatment expert would assess a person’s state of health before recommending the appropriate strategy of intervention and the facility that would fulfill an individual’s needs.

Brief Overview of Americus, Georgia

As of the year 2018, the population of the residents of Americus, Georgia has been estimated to be 15, 559 in number. Of this population, more than 28% of the residents of the state have been reported to use Ecstasy at different points in their lives. The lack of employment in the middle of the majority of youths and increased levels of poverty amongst different groups of people are among the numerous reasons why the residents of Americus resorted to drug use. This was in the hope that using different drugs would help them forget their troubles even if that was for a short while. In addition, it has been reported that an estimated 6.5% of high school senior students in this region smoke pot on a daily basis. This is an increase of 3% compared to the year 2016 when only 5.5% of the senior students in high school smoked pot in the hope of relieving themselves of some of the troubles they encountered in life. While an estimated 40% of the students in high school agree with the thought that the regular use of pot and other drugs is harmful to individuals’ health, roughly 20% of the students in high school think that occasional use of pot and other drugs is harmful to individual’s health. Even with what people might think about drug use, what is important is refraining from using drugs and alcohol. However, for those who might have plunged into the world of drug use and think that there might be no salvation for them, it would be important that such people understand that they could be salvaged from their addiction. All it takes is for individuals to accept that they need help with their addiction problem and seek treatment in a viable rehabilitation facility. Americus provides a variety of choices for the addicts. It is upon you to make the right choice in choosing a rehabilitation facility that suits your interests or the treatment needs of your loved one.  


Drug rehabilitation services in Americus are provided in many settings such as inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities. It is important that individuals consider all options presented to them when it comes to treatment facilities to decide on the treatment facility that would be most beneficial to them. The rehabilitation facility of choice should match a person’s rehabilitation needs based on people’s history of drug use. In most instances, the more severe a person’s addiction is, the more time an individual would require throughout the process of treatment. Consequentially, in the case whereby individuals experience severe cases of addiction, the outpatient treatment program is never a good option to rely on as a reasonable selection. People abusing drugs need a change of environment to attain a quick and better recuperation. In as much as remaining home may be convenient during the period of treatment, the risks of one being exposed to factors that may act, as triggers thus driving people back to drug use are sufficient reasons to encourage addicts to seek inpatient treatment program option. Consequentially, addicts who wish to recover from their addiction need to choose a residential or inpatient drug rehabilitation facility found in Americus even if it is a short-term treatment facility.


The difference between the long-term rehab facilities and the short-term rehabilitation facilities is in the number of days people are required to undergo treatment within such facilities. While the long-term treatment program would take individuals 90-120 days, the short-term treatment program is often carried out for a 30-day period. The short-term treatment option is often advised to help individuals through their withdrawal symptoms. As part of the short-term treatment program, individuals undergo detoxification procedure with the aim of assisting addicts in acquiring physical stability. The remaining duration or treatment after the detoxification process entails teaching addicts the techniques they could employ in ensuring that they lead a drugs free lifestyle. Addicts are taken through sessions of counseling and therapeutic treatment as a way of aiding people to avoid relapse. A month is not enough time for a person to acquire full recuperation from an addiction. Therefore, if a person does not show improvement as part of the short-term treatment program, it is advisable that people transition into the long-term treatment program, if possible.        


Other than the rehabilitation facilities in Georgia, there are health facilities in this region that do not provide rehabilitation services for their patients. Instead, the alternate treatment facilities for the addicts make use various kinds of medications to help their patients get off drugs. For instance, the Methadone centers were developed with the aim of helping heroin drug addicts get over their addiction. Intervention in such facilities prevented the drug users from indulging in criminal activities to obtain the money to purchase heroin or from engaging in crime committed under the influence of drugs. The reason why people may resort to the medical centers is that most people may have the feeling that they cannot cope with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms they experienced after ceasing their drug use. Therefore, the most straightforward way out for these groups of people was in using methadone and other forms of medication that would help them do away with their withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the drugs they use. Nonetheless, people who wished to flash out drugs from their system entirely are advised to seek treatment from other rehabilitation facilities other than the medical centers. People who depend on drugs for psychological and physical fulfillment require an elaborate solution to their drug problem, a solution that would be obtained in the long-term rehabilitation facilities.  


The detoxification procedure is primarily used as a way of helping patients to flash out drugs from their system. Detoxification is considered the first step in people’s journey towards the point of recovery. The main reason why addicts are encouraged to seek the detoxification procedure is that the completion of this treatment process helps in relieving patients of their withdrawal symptoms that would arise from individuals’ prolonged use of a drug. Even with it being that detoxification is important full recovery can only be achieved with the integration of detoxification alongside other long-term treatment techniques applied in the rehabilitation facilities.

Inpatient treatment (RTC, PHP, IOP)

The success rates experienced in the long-term rehabilitation facilities are much higher than the success rates witnessed amid patients treated in the short-term treatment facilities. People addicted to heroin and are doing everything to forfeit their drug use would experience extreme withdrawal symptoms for roughly one week. The severe withdrawal symptoms would be followed by less severe symptoms that would include the extreme urge to use the drug, and this would go on for weeks and weeks. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the addicts to take keen interests in their treatment process hence proficient treatment can only take place by individuals being part of an inpatient treatment program. After the detoxification procedure is completed, thus enabling patients to overcome their withdrawal symptoms people who are part of a long-term treatment program are taken through treatment solutions that help people deal with the genuine reasons behind their drug problem. With the treatment solutions offered to patients, people deal with some of the factors that may have made them start using drugs in the first place. The long-term treatment option addresses the crucial underlying issues associated with drug addiction as opposed to the physical challenges that is only dealt with in the short-term treatment program option. 

Outpatient treatment

Elaborate outpatient treatment facilities in Americus employ conventional approaches of treatment including the 12-step rehab curriculum that is used mainly in the long term or inpatient treatment facilities. In as much as the 12-step technique may be the most popular method of rehabilitation in Americus, the truth is that 12-step strategy is not the only technique that helps people conquer their addiction. Subsequently, people are advised to seek alternative treatment options more so for those who choose the short-term treatment method of treatment as their best option. An outpatient treatment program may be convenient. However, it is important that individuals seek additional treatment procedures not offered in the short-term treatment facilities from other facilities of choice. Fortunately, the majority of treatment facilities in Americus, be it the short-term or long-term treatment facilities provide patients with guidance on the techniques the patients could put in play to continue a sober lifestyle even after living the facilities back to the community. 


Regardless of whether people choose the long-term treatment program or the short-term treatment program, what is important is that people understand that their addiction would not be handled by detoxification alone. People often believe in their minds that they could stay sober as long as they stay away from alcohol and drugs. As such, the people who detox on their own were bound to relapse shortly after their treatment. This explains the reason why the rehabilitation facilities that only offer detoxification programs in Americus do not work best for addicts. Detoxification programs only provide short-lived benefits for patients. Patients who acquire detoxification treatment alone without seeking further rehab treatment are more or else the same as addicts who do not receive any form of therapy. This is because patients who undergo detoxification treatment procedure alone relapsed shortly afterwards, taking people back to the same state they were before seeking treatment, which makes no difference if you may ask. The detoxification treatment facilities may be an excellent place to start. However, for individuals to explore the actual reasons behind their drug use people have to seek additional treatment after completing detoxification. Discovering the exact reasons behind an individual’s use of alcohol or other drugs as well as how to deal with the causative factors helps addicts abstain from using their drug of choice. Sober living can only be accomplished if individuals transition to a long-term or short-term treatment facility after completing the detoxification procedure. Alternative a sure strategy towards leading a sober lifestyle calls for individuals to enroll in a long-term treatment facility from the very start without having to transition into a long-term treatment facility after detoxification.   

Sober living

Choosing the right rehabilitation facility for a loved one may be a hard choice to make for many people. However, the benefits that accrued with individuals being part of a rehabilitation facility are worth every effort involved in choosing a treatment center. In our hearts, we all know that seeking treatment for our loved ones addicted to drugs may be the best decisions in ensuring that the addicts return to the community more productive than they first joined the rehabilitation facility. The road to recovery requires effort and a good choice of the rehabilitation facility that would suit an individual’s treatment requirements. The outcome of individuals’ treatment is more gratifying than the effort involved in seeking treatment. In ascertaining to sober living, sacrifices have to be made, and people have to devote adequate time to their treatment. Sober living brings back a person’s self-respect, self-esteem and most of all, people would enjoy a quality lifestyle as long as an individual’s resolve is to lead a sober lifestyle. Sober living highly depends on the decisions people make after completing their treatment process. If you decide to refrain from the factors that would trigger your drug use tendencies, then it would be highly likely that you would refrain from drug use.