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New Hampshire, also known as The White Mountain State is one of the United States’ most quaint and humble areas to live in. It’s not as populated as other states in the United States, in fact, New Hampshire is often ranked at the 41st place when taking into account the most populated states. With a population of around, 1,300,000, New Hampshire remains to be humble and is a good place away from the busy streets of densely populated areas.

The state is known for a lot of natural sights to see and visit but its towns and counties are worth the travelling time to if one is looking to meet amazing people. As one of the first states to become a part of the United States we know of now, New Hampshire has had quite a history already and in that history belongs the establishment of great towns such as Manchester.

Commonly known as The Queen City, Manchester, New Hampshire is the most populated area in the state with an estimated 110,000 citizens living in the area. Manchester is often praised as an area with cheap living costs and affordable housing and as such, many people are willing to move into The Queen City so long as there are places available to buy.

It’s not all and well in Manchester, New Hampshire though. The state and its towns are also affected by the rampant problem the United States has with substance abuse. From illicit drugs to excessive amounts of alcohol, there have been a few cases of substance abuse in the state and the looming threat it brings is annually causing concerns over the citizens of the state.

Like in most areas of the world, New Hampshire’s substance abuse problem is affecting the state’s economy and citizens and should the problem persist or if it gets worse, then there’s a good chance that more innocent citizens will fall victim to the harrowing effects of drugs and its adverse effects on one’s health and well-being.

The Drug Problem in New Hampshire

The White Mountain State and its towns are not immune to the rampant spreading of illicit drugs. Drug abuse and trafficking is one of the state’s most prominent problems and if it does cease to exist, then the state will be a catalyst for progress and growth. Of course, its people will be able to rest easy as well if they knew how safe their place has become.

The most harrowing take away from New Hampshire’s drug problem is that it has been counted time and time again as the state with the most number of drug overdose related deaths. For a state with such a small population, New Hampshire’s drug attributed deaths are too many and this has raised concerns for both the local governing body and the citizens as well.

What the Statistics Show

Just this last December, New Hampshire is among as the top three states that have the highest deaths related to drug overdose. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), New Hampshire has a whopping 39 people for every 100,000 in 2016. It was a higher number as compared to what the state accrued in 2015 which only has 34 people.

The number alone is staggering and it has once again brought the issue into the attention of the local governing body. The numbers mean a lot in terms of how many lives were lost because of drug abuse but there is also an economic impact to the data too. Death from drug overdose creates an adverse effect on the state’s businesses and enterprises as it leads to massive loss in revenue and productivity.

New Hampshire Is Drawing the Attention Of Bigger Figure in the US

The Washington Post reports that current President Donald Trump has called New Hampshire as a drug-infested den. Trump also said that this is one of the main reasons why he won in the state during the past elections but he had another group to blame for the growing problem.

When speaking of who is really to blame for the widespread drug circulation in the New Hampshire; and in the entire United States in general, Trump blames the Mexican drug cartel. The president has said time and time again that the drug cartel from beyond the border is the one to blame for the United States’ current crisis but there have been no exact proof to support the statement just yet. What this leaves the citizens of New Hampshire is a growing fear for a problem that could soon be unsolvable if it’s not addressed immediately.

However, regardless of how Trump would put it, the problem of New Hampshire isn’t solely stemming from beyond the border of Mexico. Studies have shown that the most rampant drugs in the state are produced not  from the land below the United States, but from the country at the other side of the world; China.

The Opioid and Heroin Problem

The spike in the number of deaths caused by drug overdose in New Hampshire come from drugs produced not only in Mexico, but also in China. A recent study reveals that one of the leading causes of drug related deaths in The Granite State is fentanyl.

“From 2013 to 2015 there was a 1472% increase in the number of Fentanyl related deaths. From 2013 to 2015 there was a 25.7% increase in the number of Heroin related deaths,” says the results of the study. The study reveals that the two most popular drugs in the state are heroin and Fentanyl.

The Growing Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl falls under the category of synthetic opiate and it is the catalysts for New Hampshire’s opioid addiction. The number of deaths related to synthetic opiates in New Hampshire is 24 for every 300,000 residents. It is almost eight times larger than the average in the United States as a whole which is 3 for every 300,000.  Even more surprising is the fact that New Hampshire had even larger number of synthetic opioid deaths than California in 2015. New Hampshire had 285 reported cases, and California had 229. The difference is big but what is more shocking is the fact that California has a population that 30 percent more than The Granite State.

Fentanyl is a very dangerous drug and based on the number of deaths that has occurred because of it, states should take more steps in regulating the opioid drugs to avoid getting them into the wrong hands. It has various side effects other than being fatal so even if a person doesn’t fall because of an overdose to Fentanyl, he could live the rest of his life with terrible consequences.

The Effects of Fentanyl

According to Drug Abuse, Fentanyl is a very potent, synthetic opioid analgesic and it is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. While it is a proven effective pain reliever, there is no denying that it is deadly. In fact, it is about 80 to 500 times stronger than morphine.

  • Other than that surprising data, it’s worth noting that Fentanyl, like other opioid drugs is very addictive. Only those who have tolerance to opioid drugs should use Fentanyl but if it is illegally distributed, then there is no stopping a person from taking the drug.
  • Other than a relieve from pain, Fentanyl also gives the user feelings of euphoria and relaxation, Its side effects include nausea, vomiting, confusion, hallucination, constipation, an altered heart rate, and more. This addiction to pain medication is clearly one of the worst problems that New Hampshire and its counties have to face.

NH’s Ongoing Battle with Heroin

Second to the opioid and Fentanyl problem is New Hampshire’s ongoing battle with heroin, but on a bigger scale, heroin is rampant all over the United States. However, New Hampshire and its counties do have a significant amount of heroin related incidents.

A report in 2015 highlights the fact that heroin overdoses are taking over New Hampshire’s biggest city; Manchester. According to the report, the police had to respond to 540 overdose calls and over 400 of them were due to heroin. Of all the fatalities in the county, 18 was the youngest and 51 was the oldest victim. Side effects of heroin are nearly the same as Fentanyl with the most severe cases leading to death. Heroin addiction is more than deadly too as it not only ruins the life of one person, it also ruins the lives of those around him.

Drug Trafficking in New Hampshire

Both heroin and opioid drug abuse pose a severe threat to both individuals and the state as a whole. The problem lies not only in the illicit distribution of it, but also in the fact that people are afraid of seeking treatment head on as they have become too reliant on the substance.

Despite the growing problem and the uncontrollable distribution of the illicit drugs, Manchester, and the other areas in New Hampshire do its best to sort out the problem in their own way. While stopping the trafficking of drugs is visibly unstoppable for now, what the state and its governing bodies do is to simply shift its focus on the treatments for heroin addiction, pain pill addiction, opioid addiction, and other deadly substances.

Treatment Centers and Rehabilitation in New Hampshire

Heroin and opioid drugs have already taken countless lives and the fact that it could take even more in the future is nothing but scary. A complete stop to the distribution of drugs looks rather impossible for now but that doesn’t mean the governing bodies have no other means of helping out its citizens cope with the problem.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Opioid, substance, and heroin treatment in New Hampshire is amazing. As the state knows the problems it faces, the opioid and heroin addiction help they can offer is top-notch as they provide the best quality of facilities and techniques to care for inpatients and outpatients. Through their methods, those suffering from addiction can get on with their lives in the most efficient and easiest way possible. Manchester in particular, has a lot of facilities that are run by the best professionals, that patients can seek help from.

Withdrawal Treatment Program

One question that most patients face when they finally want to rid themselves of their habit is, “how to get off opiates without withdrawal?” Withdrawal is the hardest part of stopping one’s reliance on drugs. Futures of Palm Beach notes that some of the horrible side effects of withdrawal is irritability, increased sensitivity to pain, insomnia, restlessness, emotional instability, hot flashes, and the lack of or increased appetite. Withdrawal is one of the worst things a patient will go through.

Detox Facilities

The detox facilities New Hampshire are a cut above the ones found in other states as they do their work with both speed and quality. Rapid detox centers give patients the chance to rid themselves of their habit in the quickest way possible. In doing so, the chances of withdrawal are very slim and they can also save up thousands of dollars as compared to undergoing prolonged treatment methods.

When it comes to treating opioid addiction, the state of New Hampshire has a ton of facilities that can help a patient through the process of detoxification. By getting a medical detox, the traces of the drug will be removed from the patient so he or she doesn’t have to suffer through the process of stopping drugs. It is the one of the best ways to ease opiate withdrawal as patients will no longer constantly long for the substance if no traces of it is left in their body. Opioid withdrawal symptoms are similar to others and it’s a pain for patients to have to go through them constantly. As such, the medical detox from opiates is the best way to go and it remains to be the best treatment for opioid addiction.

Heroin Detox Centers

But of course, the treatment facilities in New Hampshire and Manchester aren’t limited to opioid dependence treatment programs. There are also a lot of heroin detox centers in the state that help the heroin dependent from ridding themselves of the nasty habit that could ruin their lives and the lives of those around them.

What the state offers is the best detox for heroin that patients get. Even those who come from neighboring states are willing to drop by Manchester or any other town in New Hampshire just to seek help from their top facilities and doctors. Not only is the state’s treatment facilities top-of-the-line and amazing, they also offer these services at a reasonable price.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

The state’s inpatient heroin detox and treatment programs give patients the chance to be on the path to recovery without having to suffer through the harder parts which include withdrawal and relapsing back to the substance of choice. Through their extensive application of techniques and through their modernistic equipment, drug detox has never been easier done.

These treatment facilities open their doors to people who want a better future ahead of them. The comfort and the warm-welcome they give their patients is just one of the many reasons why New Hampshire is becoming one of the role models when it comes to substance and drug abuse. It is becoming a catalyst for change and soon enough, it will be the leader of a revolution against drugs

The Path to Recovery

The path to recovery is just as, if not harder than the process of being addicted to substances. The reason why many drug-reliant people stray away from treatment centers is because they fear withdrawal, relapsing, and failing to commit. All of these could result in their money being wasted and themselves becoming disappointed at their lack of progress.

Despite the state’s rampant drug abuse problem and the number overdose deaths, the best opioid and best heroin addiction treatment centers situated in New Hampshire always keep their doors open for patients who want a turn for the better. The programs; which include pain medication rehab, drug addiction treatment, heroin detox and drug detox in general, all geared towards providing patients with the most comfortable way of getting better.

Not only are these facilities effective, they also do their best to provide patients with the most fair prices they can so that they won’t be too afraid when seeking out help. While other treatment facilities have low success rates for the programs, those in Manchester and other areas in New Hampshire have near perfect success rates, making it the ideal go-to spot for people who want to get treated.

Although New Hampshire is yet to fully address the issue of drug trafficking and drug abuse in its area, it along with the countless amazing treatment facilities in the states do their best to somewhat lessen the impact of the problem. Completely removing drugs from the streets is the best way to solve the issue but by caring and helping out those who are really deep into their reliance on drugs and other substances, the state is able to regulate and soften the impact of heroin and opioid on its people.