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Drug Abuse and Treatment in Rosemont, California

California is a place in the United States that’s known for a lot of things. Usually associated with the glitz and glamour, California is otherwise known as The Golden State, is home to nearly 40 million citizens from varying nationalities. The state of California has a steadily increasing population and as such, the local governing body is doing its best to make sure that its millions of residents are always safe and clear from any potential danger.

One particular place that is becoming a hotspot for people looking for a new area to settle down in is Rosemont in the Sacramento County. Situated in the heart of California, Rosemont is the center point for the state and through it, people can easily access most of what the state has to offer. The quaint little area has a population of just above 20,000 and is easily one of the places in the Sacramento County or in California in general that has a relatively small population.

California is the darling of the United States and it is the home of many celebrities, and other icons too. What many consider as the state wherein dreams are achieved, California still has its downs. Like with most states in the United States, California and areas under its jurisdiction such as Rosemont are reeling from a drug and substance abuse problem that is affecting various demographics.
If you live in Rosemont, and have fallen victim to substance abuse don’t hesitate to seek treatment. There are enormous resources in at your disposal.

Rosemont and Its Drug Problem

Though relatively small, Rosemont carries the burden of this problem on its shoulders and it looks like that the issues will continue to persist for a very long time. The good thing though is that California and its people aren’t alone with the drug and substance abuse issue. The local governing body is keen on tackling the problem bit by bit and it is doing so using an array of methods.

The drug and substance abuse problem is stunting the growth of not only the state as a whole but also the individuals and the families that are tied directly to it. As such, it is crucial and significant to completely eradicate the problem. For now, it is rather impossible to completely rid the state and the United States in general of its drug and substance abuse problem but a step-by-step process should alleviate the problem slowly.

Before anything else though, it is first important to understand just how deep the problem is to get a full idea of what the state is facing in terms of statistics.

The Drug Problem

California is the home of glitz and glamour, as well as peer pressure and insecurities. These factors combined make Californian’s very prone to drug and substance abuse. With a population of nearly 40 million; the most in the United States, there are more opportunities for a lot of things including drug abuse. In recent surveys, it has been revealed that nearly 10% of the state’s population is already reeling in from the physical and mental effects of drug abuse and addiction.

There are many reasons why the growing drug epidemic is looking more and more unsolvable and that is because there are many sources that continue to spread illicit drugs on a regular basis. As one of the bordering states of Mexico, California is often the landing spot of drugs coming from the ever prominent Mexican drug cartel.

The drug group is the primary problem of the United States. Studies suggest that 90% of cocaine that enters the country is either from Mexico or were transported from it. Other than that, Mexico is also known as the primary supplier of meth and marijuana to the United States and annually, the drug cartels are able to rake in between $19 to $29 billion from sales, which explains their persistence.

Controlling the Drug Problem

The state of California is intent on controlling the drug problem by attacking the root of the cause which is the border. Although there are disagreements between United States President Donald Trump and California Governor Jerry Brown, many are still hoping that the border patrol will be regulated better in the coming years.

America as a whole is facing a severe drug problem. Of course, there are a few popular drugs of choice by victims of drug abuse. Some of the top substances are marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine, and opioid drugs. For the state of California, the most popular drugs of choice are heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and opioid drugs. These drugs are very harmful to the health of an individual. Its effects range from brain damage to death. As such, clear abuse and addiction to these substances should not be overlooked.


Heroin is by far the primary cause of many drug overdoses in California. It is very popular and there are a ton of ways for people to procure the drugs easily. It is classified as an opioid drug which is commonly used as a pain reliever for certain cases. Those who are addicted and reliant on heroin use the drug for a surge of euphoria but that feeling is only temporary and the side effects are for the long-run.

Effects of Heroin

Aside from being fatal, heroin abuse also leads to insomnia, collapsed veins, heart infections, liver and kidney diseases, lung complications, and many others more. It should go without saying that the side effects of heroin far outweigh the feelings of euphoria a person gets by using it.

Heroin abuse has propelled in recent years across various demographic groups.  This increase in cases is caused by how easy it is to get a hold of heroin. According to studies, usage rates for heroin between the ages of 18 and 25 have doubled since 2002. Usually, most drug abusers are in the higher income groups and those with private insurance. Though accessible, heroin is rather expensive and as such, it is only able to draw in a niche market.


Marijuana is slowly starting to become more accepted in various states in the United States. People are seeing the good in cannabis and are willing to explore its benefits through medicinal strains that are usually distributed by licensed dispensaries situated in various areas. Despite its popularity though, marijuana is a drug that should be taken with care and moderation as its effects could be quite drastic.

Marijuana is comprised of a few compounds; some of which are good, while some are bad. One of the good compounds is cannabidiol or CBD which offers the amazing health benefits of marijuana. However, its counterpart, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol offers the psychoactive effects or the feeling of being high that most people are drawn in to. Though it does have its good effects, the side effects of cannabis strains should not be taken lightly.

Long-term Effects of Marijuana

One of the long-term effects of marijuana is that it can affect the brain functions of a person. It could impair thinking and logical thoughts, which makes moderation all the more important. California is one of the states that aren’t too shy on exploring the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. As always, people should always carry a deep understanding of the drug before anything else.


Cocaine, on the other hand, is far more dangerous and it is one of the most popular drugs in California. Illicit cocaine selling is rampant on the streets of The Golden State primarily because of the Mexican drug cartel that is the cause of the persistent drug trade in the United States. Local sellers in California procure their products from various sources and they sell it for profit.

Till now, cocaine remains to have a strong presence in various areas in California. According to a recent report, a whopping 140 kilograms of cocaine was found in an underground bunker at Orange County. The heap is worth $8.4 million and it would’ve been harrowing if the drugs fell into innocent hands. Luckily, the local governing body’s persistence to keep cocaine at bay allows it to control rampant spreading before it grows worse. 

Valid Medical Purposes

Cocaine has valid medical purposes such as being used as a local anesthetic. However, it has since been altered to become a street drug that provides users with feelings of euphoria. Its abuse could lead to death and other horrible consequences. Its other effects include tremors and muscle twitches, constricted blood vessels, nausea, dilated pupils, faster heartbeat, raised body temperature and blood pressure and even restlessness.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth, short for crystal methamphetamine is also one of the fatal drugs out on the streets of the United States. It has been glorified through shows like Breaking Bad that exhibits that harsh effects of the drugs and through these programs, people should at least carry a little understanding of how crystal meth could gravely endanger one’s life.

It’s a mental stimulant that acts fast. It first takes its toll on a person’s body then it will slowly destroy a person’s entire system. Crystal meth usually comes in highly-concentrated doses and as such, it is easily one of the most addicted drugs on the market.

Gangs in California are often to blame for the rampant spreading of crystal meth. Just recently one MS-13 gang member admitted to trafficking drugs from a California prison to a business center in Edison. It reveals how strong the clamor for crystal meth is and how easy it is to traffic the drug.


This is just a glimpse of the true extent of the drug problem in California. The years have been rough for California and its citizens and luckily, the local governing bodies and local law enforcement groups are doing their best to help regulate the problem. The state of California and the United States as a whole is still years away from completely ridding themselves of the persistent drug problem. Hopefully, the number of drug abuse cases and casualties are to drop down each year.

The Alcohol Problem

Next to the severe drug problem California is going through, the state is also having a hard time regulating its citizen’s intake of alcohol. It’s a known fact that alcoholism is bad for once health and could lead to fatal complications such as cancer, and heart problems. However, the most harrowing issue with regards to alcohol abuse is the number of accidents and deaths it causes per year.

One the most recent data, it is reported that the California law enforcement has made 162, 199 DUI arrests in 2013. Other than that, there are 568 fatal collisions, 11,861 injury-causing collisions, 1,075 alcohol-involved fatal collisions, and alcohol-involved injury collisions in that year alone. The good news though is that the numbers on some of the data has dropped from previous years but the numbers should still be a cause for concern.

Those who are injured or experienced a death of a friend or relative due to drunk drivers are considered as victims in many areas and California is no different. Seeing its huge number of DUI and alcohol-related incidents per year, the state has implemented laws and regulations to help benefit the victims and to help punish and even rehabilitate those who are reliant on alcohol.

Justice System of California on Alcohol Abuse

The justice system of California with regards to these cases is designed to provide benefits to the victim by means of compensation and many more. Additionally, there are also a few support groups that help out victims one of the most prevalent of which is MADD. Since its inception, MADD has been leading campaigns towards drunk driving in a bid to raise awareness. Other than these campaigns, the support group also offers a few services including bereavement support, injury support, justice advocacy, and guidance for the financial recovery of victims. 

This alcohol abuse problem and the persistent drug issues is a rough patch for various states in the United States. Although a majority of these states are showcasing improvement in terms of helping solve the problems, they are still far off from completely eradicating it and many are deeming this as rather impossible.

What these states, including California and its areas such as Rosemont, do best though is that they help the citizens get over their problems with rehabilitation programs and treatment centers designed to make the way to recovery a lot more easier.

The Solution

Knowing the problem at hand, Rosemont, the Sacramento County and the entire state of California, in general, has allowed the development of countless top-of-the-line treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers. These areas make use of the most modern techniques and tools to guide an individual to a better path to recovery and their success rates have proven the quality of their service time and time again.


The road to recovery in these treatment facilities starts with assessment. The assessment process is spearheaded by professionals who have a deep understanding of the various stages of drug dependency. Through this initial and crucial process, these professionals are able to determine the best methods an individual should try for a better shot at the recovery process.

Pre-Intake and Intake Process

The next step in the patient’s recovery process is the pre-intake and intake process. It is the main body of the rehabilitation problem and it is also the time in which patients are specially monitored by their doctors. It is the most crucial part of the recovery process as it physically and mentally readies the individual for the effects of rehabilitation. Without it, individuals might have a longer time in rehab and treatment. In worse cases, they might not even be able to recover at all.

Although the pre-intake and intake process determines the success of an individual’s path to recovery, the detoxification is just as crucial as it will prevent future dependency on substances. Rosemont’s facilities make use of top-notch detoxification techniques and materials to get the job done. During this process, doctors and specialists try to remove as much of the substance from the individual’s system.

Dealing With Drug Withdrawal

This process is crucial as it helps the individual cope through with the hardships brought about by drug withdrawal. This hard part of the recovery process has adverse mental and physical effects on the individual and as such, the doctors are going to make sure their patients don’t go through such hardships. Some of the proven side effects of withdrawal include depression, lack of appetite, and several others more. The end goal of the recovery process is to rid the individual of his substance dependency but it doesn’t have to be a rigorous process at that.

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Recovery Process 

The recovery process doesn’t end once the patient steps out of the treatment facility. Doctors are going to keep a close eye on their patients long before they finish with their program to see if they maintain healthy living. Lucky for Californians, there are a ton of areas to visit and activities to explore in Rosemont and other areas to keep them busy long after they have recovered.

With these treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers at hand, people suffering from substance abuse and dependency have the perfect avenue to help start their recovery. That partnered with the state of California’s crackdown on ending the drug and alcohol problem is a good combination for a better future for current and future citizens of California and the United States.

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