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Getting Treatment in El Paso, Texas

The drug abuse problem is a severe issue of concern due to its dire consequences both for the abusers and the loved ones of the people abusing drugs. From marijuana, inhalants, cocaine to prescription drugs, prohibited drugs are affecting close to every person residing in El Paso, Texas. However, it is essential to understand all that drug abuse entails and seek treatment for their addiction as fast as they could. 

If you live in El Paso, and have fallen victim to substance abuse don’t hesitate to seek treatment. There are enormous resources in at your disposal.


Drug abuse facts

Every drug used in El Paso be it methamphetamine, or prescription medication exposes users to the risk of addiction. A single dose of some of the drugs used in most clubs in El Paso can damage individuals’ cognition as these drugs transform the chemical composition of a person’s brain. In as much as individuals always blame the substances they abuse as the cause of their addiction, the truth is that the nature in which people use drugs or alcohol is what leads to an addiction. For instance, a person may break his or her joint to require surgery. In such a case, individuals would be prescribed painkillers to help them heal by making them comfortable. On most occasions the painkillers prescribed to patients often make patients develop a feeling of euphoria. This is such that people form the misconceived notion that they would require the pain reliever for more than the required time frame so that they could order for more pills not knowing that they would be abusing the drug. In such a case it is considered abuse regardless of it being that the painkillers would be legally prescribed by a qualified health professional.   

Seeking drug treatment

Finding help for our drug addiction problem can be a big step one can take towards improving his or her health or overall wellbeing. Improving your health by seeking medical intervention can also help you better the lives of the people in your family and community. However, where would one start? Many treatment programs exist in Dallas that individuals could become part of in their hopes to improve their health.

Attend a rehabilitation program

People addicted to drugs in El Paso have countless treatment program options they could choose from. Subsequently, the inhabitants of El Paso are in a better position of finding rehabilitation centers that fit into their budget and way of life. The inpatient treatment program can help people with a long-term addiction given the intensive care provided in such facilities. People are provided with a place to stay to enable them to deal with their withdrawal symptoms. Medical assistance may also be provided to patients who may require such forms of treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy provided to patients in rehabilitation facilities help patients deal with the influential factors that may drive individuals to use drugs. Enrolling in a rehab center enables individuals to be in the company of other people who are looking forward to stopping their habit, and these types of company are very inspirational and helpful to patients towards their recovery. 


Finding the right treatment facility for you

Successful treatment for addicts highly depends on the treatment facility that individuals would choose for themselves in El Paso. Before people can start the task of looking for a treatment facility that would suit one’s interests, it is crucial that individuals talk to their doctor. A doctor can help determine how serious a person’s addiction is thus assisting the individuals to decide whether or not they require an inpatient program or if an outpatient treatment program would do just fine. An evaluation done by your doctor would also help in determining other health issues that needed to be factored into when it comes to deciding on the health facility that would be best for a person’s recovery.

The next step should involve finding out some of the facilities in El Paso that provide care to patients who abuse the same drugs like the ones you abuse. This is because attending a program that tackles the same addiction issues one is dealing with increases the level of success witnessed by individuals as part of their treatment. After you decide the type of facility that you would love to go to, it is vital that you evaluate the drug policies developed as part of the facilities individuals intend to go to. This is because some rehabilitation facilities in El Paso provide their patients with different kinds of medications such as Xanax and Valium to neutralize the symptoms of distress that come because of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by alcohol and drug users. People may fear to join a rehabilitation facility because of the thought of becoming hooked on the medications they were bound to take at the rehab centers. Those who might be scared most of joining a rehabilitation facility where they are most likely to be subjected to medications are people with a history of abusing the same medications administered to patients in rehabilitation centers in El Paso.

It is also important to research the potential programs that one could turn to whenever he or she experience cravings for a drug or alcohol. People can acquire proficient wellness and nutritional programs in the form of exercises and healthy eating tendencies as a way of reducing individuals’ psychological and physical need for a drug or alcohol. Learning effective coping mechanisms is important as would enable individuals to move back into the society with the hope of leading a sober life. People require a strong foundation if they wish to better prepared to face the temptations in their surroundings that might drive individuals back to using drugs and alcohol.

Specific treatment programs in El Paso provide patients with care that allows for quick recovery in ways that may seem impossible. For instance, some treatment centers health their patients with herbal supplements while some rely on religious intervention techniques as a way of helping patients recover. However, when it comes to choosing the best rehabilitation facility that would suit an individual’s interests, it is important to be aware particular questionable claims made by rehabilitation centers. For instance, some rehabilitation facilities may claim, “Shake your addiction in one week!” With such a statement, in the form of an advertisement, it becomes difficult for individuals to trust such facilities to deliver quality healthcare within the stipulated time frame. Such assertions may be too good to be true regardless of how hopeful individuals may seem to be when they come across such forms of advertisements. Such kinds of programs are often a rip-off developed by unscrupulous individuals and organizations who wish to make money out of the misery of other people in their surroundings. People should seek treatment from authorized or certified health care centers in El Paso. Whenever a reputable hospital or therapists recommend a rehab center for a patient, it is most likely that the recommended rehab center would provide successful treatment to the patient.

The financial capability of a person also determines a person’s treatment choices. Some of the facilities in El Paso accept health insurance cover such as Medicaid while other rehab facilities do not accept health insurance. To find out more about the treatment program that would suit one’s financial status individuals are advised to talk to their health insurance providers to guide them on the best programs they can commit to in getting clean. Most insurance providers in El Paso cater for the city residents’ outpatient treatment, detox, and in state assessment programs. Only a few insurance providers in El Paso cover residential or inpatient treatment for the natives of El Paso.

Addiction is like any other disease that the residents of El Paso battle with day after day. Subsequently, insurance providers in El Paso need to treat addiction like any other chronic disease that requires medical treatment in providing health coverage to the residents of El Paso. Contacting insurance companies enables individuals to learn whether their insurance providers cater for inpatient cover, outpatient cover or both inpatient cover and outpatient cover. Finding out whether insurance companies provide for the entire cost of treatment in the rehab or only part of the payment helps individuals determine whether they would like to seek treatment in the rehab or not. For people who do not have insurance, El Paso has treatment centers such as Narcotics Anonymous that provide counseling sessions for addicts at no cost. The frequent meetings organized by the group help individuals heal.      


Any person joining a rehabilitation program of any kind whether the inpatient program or outpatient program would be required to go through an intake process. The intake process would involve the physical examination of the patients by a qualified health practitioner as well as a mental evaluation of the patient conducted by a therapist or psychiatrist. The reason for the assessment procedures is so that physicians could discover any mental health conditions that may be affected by the medications administered to patients or the medical conditions that affect individuals’ drug use. Patients may experience conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue that may affect individuals’ drug use. The other most important procedure as part of the intake process involves the scrutiny of patients in making sure that the patients do not carry drugs on their person or as part of their belonging at the time of admission. Once the intake process is completed patients are barred from having visitors be it their friends or family members for a while. Further, patients would not even be allowed to communicate with their friends and family members over the phone for a few days. The limitations imposed on patients enable addicts to focus their attention on their treatment without any form of distraction that may redirect individuals from their primary reason for being in the rehabilitation facility. Even with the differences that exist within rehabilitation facilities when it comes to how they are operated, after a week or two, most rehab centers in El Paso allow their patients to have visitors and make phone calls whenever they please. 


In an inpatient treatment program, people spent the first weeks in the rehab facility detoxing. In the first few weeks of treatment, most facilities in El Paso do not require their patients to attend classes or functions that they would later be required to attend in helping them recover. The first few weeks in the rehab centers are instead spent assisting patients to deal with the physical and emotional outcomes that arise with individuals’ effort to stay away from drugs and alcohol. The people who have used drugs for a prolonged duration may experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as memory loss, temporary blackouts, irritability, depression, insomnia, anxiety, headache, unpredictable mood swings, nausea and many other symptoms. The first few days in rehab are often difficult for most people. This is because during the first few weeks at the rehabilitation facility individuals are required to adjust their behavior and mindset because it is at such a time that people go through multiple bodily symptoms caused by the drugs they took. It is usually during the first weeks of treatment at the rehab center that medical practitioners closely supervise patients to make sure that they address the symptoms that require medical attention for the patients. The completion of the detoxification program is then followed by group and individual therapy sessions for the addicts.


Staying in a rehabilitation facility not only helps addicts to stay away from the substances they abuse, but it also enables drug addicts to learn about some of the factors that trigger their drug use. People in rehab are taught how they can deal with their urges and make amends where possible. The group therapies people attend in the rehab enable addicts to share their experiences with other addicts. The group therapy sessions allow addicts to learn from one another in a meeting that would be conducted under the supervision of a psychiatrist or therapist. Being part of a company of people who are doing everything they can to restructure their lives for the better after years of drug use can be extremely helpful for addicts. The very thought that one is not alone goes a long way in encouraging individuals to do everything they could to amend their ways and make their lives better. Moreover, rehabilitation facilities provide addicts with an environment in which they can turn to their fellow addicts undergoing treatment for advice on how they could go about their daily tasks towards recovery.

Painkillers and therapy

Some people in El Paso abuse pain-relieving drugs such as morphine or oxycontin. However, it is important that individuals acquire drugs for their pain in other ways other than relying on potentially addictive drugs. Methadone is often used as a drug for pain relief. Methadone is commonly used in most inpatient and outpatient treatment centers to help patients get over their addiction to painkillers. Similarly, people who do not seek treatment in a rehabilitation facility use methadone in their efforts to stop using painkillers. People with chronic pain issues and are striving to recover from addiction may be prescribed methadone by their doctor. Methadone can be administered to patients in different ways including as a dispersible, intravenously and via a tablet. Nevertheless, whenever this kind of medication is given to patients, the drug would be provided under the consistent supervision of a health professional. This is because the drug could lead to respiratory problems for the first time users and for individuals who up their dose once in a while without even knowing or knowingly. For people who abuse painkillers, it is essential to talk to a health professional who would assist you with prescriptions on the drug that would help in alleviating the symptoms that come as a result of addiction including Narcan, Suboxone or Methadone.

What is withdrawal? How long does it last?


An inpatient treatment program provides patients with a calming and safe environment in which people are presented with adequate care. People who choose residential treatment do so, on the perception that it would be easy to cope and that it would be easier to work out things at their own time. One thing that makes the inpatient treatment program an appealing choice for a majority of the residents of El Paso is that this form of treatment program separates individuals away from the locations that contributed to individuals’ addiction. 

More on Inpatient Vs. Outpatient


Outpatient treatment programs offer patients more or else the same treatment options provided as part of the inpatient treatment program. Individuals are allowed to stay home while undergoing treatment, unlike the inpatient treatment option. Just like the inpatient treatment option, outpatient treatment option enables patients to acquire counseling and therapy sessions. People prefer the outpatient treatment program because it allows them to go through treatment while still enjoying the ordinary events of life. People can work and continue their family life activities normally without feeling sidelined from their usual lives by their treatment program. People should keep in mind that they may require more severe and consistent treatment than what they can acquire from being part of an outpatient treatment program. Before you can seek any form of treatment from a medical facility, it is important that individuals discuss the possibilities with their doctors. The doctor can help patients in deciding on the best treatment program that would work best for their patients’ needs.  

Should I choose inpatient or outpatient?



At the end of individuals’ treatment in a rehabilitation facility, a person would be forced to leave the safety and routine of their treatment to return to the society where people would reassume their normal lifestyles. Individuals rejoining the society after rehab come with numerous risks. This is because regardless of what people might do in an attempt to stay away from drugs and alcohol, individuals would still encounter people and situations that triggered their drug use. However, before people leave the rehabilitation facilities, patients learn how to cope in the real world once they are discharged from rehab. People learn the importance of staying away from people who encourage them to use drugs and refrain from places that initially encouraged individuals to use drugs. People also have the option of returning to the inpatient rehabilitation facilities they were admitted to for aftercare counseling. Aftercare services help the majority of patients to reintegrate back to the society with a strong will to lead a drugs free lifestyle. Daily and weekly therapies attended by patients during aftercare treatment help patients stay away from drugs and alcohol. 

What happens after discharge?


Helping your family cope

It is important to remember that you might not be the only one affected by substance abuse. Family members and friends may also wish to attend therapy sessions so that they can learn how to cope with addiction. Support group meetings provide addicts with emotional support through their process of recovery. When our loved ones learn different coping mechanisms taught to addicts during therapy sessions, family members learn how they can effectively live with the addicts and help their loved ones addicted to drugs cope after leaving rehab. In extreme situations recovering addicts would be required to stay away from some of their friends who were a bad influence in their lives in the past. Coming up with new hobbies is a good way through which addicts can meet new friends to replace their old friends who had a negative influence in their lives. It might seem difficult to stop using drugs and alcohol. However, the decision to start treatment is a clear indication that even with the mistakes that a person may have done in his or her past individuals were willing to transform their lives for the better. Joining a rehabilitation treatment center of choice is a big step towards individuals reclaiming their past peaceful lives. Being hooked on a drug or alcohol creates a barrier between the addicts and their loved ones in ways that could be detrimental to individuals’ relationships. Fortunately, rehabilitation treatment facilities in El Paso provide the residents of this locality with the opportunity to rectify their own ways to return to the society changed people who are much more productive. 

Working with a sponsor

Just like alcoholism treatment, former drug users would require help from sponsors. Sponsors are always previous addicts with years of experience in being psychiatrists or therapists. Sponsors would meet with patients on a routine basis and whenever addicts feel like they were vulnerable to the temptations of returning to their old lives the sponsors were readily available to talk to patients about their issues and how they could work through their problems. Sponsors provide help to individuals when they need their help most. These individuals teach patients always to stay accountable for their actions and how they could amend their pitfalls in life.