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As the second largest state in the United States, Texas is home to over 28 million citizens. It’s a great state with a booming economy and a lot of sights to travel. The Lone Star State is one of America’s finest places to visit and the citizens in there are always keen on giving newcomers a warm welcome.

Situated in Webb County is Laredo. With an estimated population of over 200,000, Laredo is one of the most populated county seats in Texas and while this means that there are more people to meet and mingle with, it also means that the area is prone to a few issues related to unwanted activities.

A vast majority of the people in Laredo and Texas, in general, mean good and want to live a clean and decent life. However, that doesn’t mean that they are safe from the influence of substance abuse.
If you live in Laredo, and have fallen victim to substance abuse don’t hesitate to seek treatment. There are enormous resources in at your disposal.

As with most states; or any other area in the world for that matter, Laredo, Texas has its cases of alcohol and substance abuse. Though with much effort and perseverance, the local governing body is always looking to lessen if not fully abolish all crimes related to drugs, alcohol, and other disruptive substances.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health(NSDUH) reveals that 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2014. It’s an alarming number but to fully fix the problem, local governing bodies like the ones in charge of Laredo try to understand the problem at hand first.

A vast majority of states are already spearheading the problem with methods of their own but what all of them share in common is that they aren’t afraid to accept the fact that the problem exists and it continues to exist. As one of the states that are taking a lot of damages and casualties from substance abuse, Texas is one of the leaders in the winnable fight.

Looming Substance Threats In Texas

Texas is no different from other states in America when it comes to drug problems. The Lone Star State’s large cities including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin are reported to be one of the top recipients of illegal substance shipments that come from the Mexican border. As its big cities are plagued with the problem, counties and county seats like Laredo become involved as a result of a trickle-down effect.

A majority of the illegal drugs and substances circulating around Texas, its cities and counties included mostly come from the border between the state and Mexico. A 1,254-mile border that is traced by the Rio Grande River is prone to the illegal activity that includes the smuggling of drugs. And regardless of how hard local law enforcement try to intervene, some smugglers still succeed with their crime.

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, drug trafficking organizations are primarily responsible for daily shipments into Texas with massive amounts of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, all of which are now rampant in the streets of the state.

The Mexican drug cartels are primarily to blame for the drug problem not only Texas, but America as a whole. Not only are they responsible for distributing drugs, the cartels are also responsible for a lot of acts of violence and crime.

It’s not just the adults who are affected by the widespread drug problems. Even the innocent youth are able to get a hand on these drugs easily if they have the proper connections. With this problem at hand, the future with regards to the youth of today seems rather bleak.

Alcoholism In Texas

Though alcohol is legal and they aren’t as dangerous as drugs, abuse of the substance always lead to dire consequences. For starters, the health risks of alcoholism are plenty which includes heart and liver problems, higher chances of hepatitis, brain disorders, and of course, let’s not forget about the dangers brought about by drunk driving to the driver, the passenger, and the pedestrians.

As compared to drugs, the victims of alcoholism are more specific abuse the substance is within a certain demographic only.

The 2013 Texas Survey of Substance Abuse Among College Students revealed that the abuse of alcohol is pretty prevalent on campuses in the state. The survey was conducted on 11,283 students from 45 college campuses in the spring of 2013. The age range was from 18-26. According to the survey, 81 percent of the participants had drank alcohol at least once in their lifetime, 75 percent drank in the previous year, and 62 percent drank in the previous month.

Abuse of the substance is attributed to many reasons which include using it as a way to celebrate occasions, as a way to cope with anxiety and problems, and most commonly, as a way to pass time. The results of the survey are alarming as it is but there’s still a problem to discuss; the accidents and crime caused by individuals who are drunk.

The DUI statistics taken in 2013 revealed that there were approximate, 1,337 drunk driving deaths in Texas, which is the highest overall in the United States. When it comes to all traffic accident fatalities, 39.5 were related to alcohol. DUI arrests amount to 99,195, and there were 71,303 convictions. This was a bad year for the pedestrians, passengers, and drivers in Texas as it caused the state a whopping $6.2 billion in damages.

5 years later, Texas still remains to be one of the states with the most number of alcohol-related incidents. The state spends billions on the issue annually and unless drastic measures are taken, damages are either going to remain the same, or it is going to increase further. Either way, Texas clearly has to resolve this long-running issue.

Most Popular Drugs In Texas

According to Rosenthal and Waddas, the most common drugs in the state of Texas are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, and opioid drugs. Each of these threats poses a specific threat to the citizens of Laredo and in the state of Texas as a whole.

  • As one of the most popular drugs in the world, marijuana has a claimed a ton of victims already. Though it is not essentially fatal to the abusers, cannabis poses a great threat to brain cells. Drug Free World notes that some of the long-term side effects of marijuana include hallucination, a decrease in IQ, and severe anxiety among all things.
  • Cocaine is a very potent and dangerous drug. According to, the drug has long-term and short-term effects on both a person’s mental and physical health. These effects include restlessness, paranoia, anxiety, and a lot others. Cocaine is also a popularly trafficked drug among crime syndicates and crime gangs, as such, it is easy to get a hold of the substance.
  • Out of all the popular drugs in Texas, heroin remains to be one of the most dangerous and fatal. Use of heroin leads to an array of medical complications including heart diseases, miscarriages, death from overdose, and several others more. The world has been suffering a long battle with this drug.
  • Opioid drugs are rampant not just in Texas, but in the United States as a whole. Some over-the-counter opioid drugs are smuggled throughout the streets of America. It has claimed the lives of countless victims and all of them have fallen because of an overdose of this powerful drug.
  • Crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth for short may be a popular drug because of shows like Breaking Bad but it is far from being cool. According to Medical News Today, crystal meth is highly addictive and it can cause the user a long-term problem on verbal and motor skills, among others.

These drugs and the harrowing data with regards to alcohol-related crimes are staggering. For years, states have sought to completely eradicate the problem but becoming totally free from the harsh effects of these substances feel impossible for now. The good thing is, every other state; Texas included, are attacking the problem from all angles; they are looking for preventive measure and methods to treat the addiction as well.

Popular Drug-Related Crimes in Laredo, TX

Laredo has been a regular place to hang out by drug pushers and syndicates. Few of the most popular drug-related crimes in this city are follows:

  1. One Laredo man has been convicted for possessing and distributing 100 kilograms of marijuana and cocaine. On October 18, 2016 his attorney pleaded guilty. Follow the full story here.
  2. Nine dead bodies were dumped outside a house in Nuevo Laredo. The bloody bodies were discovered to 4 men and 5 women. On top of the bodies was a sign that says, “This is not a joke, nephew.” Read full story here.

How Texas Handles The Problem

As in most states, the local governing body in Texas is keen on stopping its rampant substance abuse problem that not only cost the state billions, but it also costs the state the lives of innocent people. While the problem still persists, the state of Texas continuous to find new ways to lessen the amount of substance-related crimes including murder, drug trafficking, and even accidents.

For starter, local officials in Houston have implemented strict trafficking laws and statewide prescription laws in a bid to combat the prescription and proliferation of illegal substances. By finding the perfect means of controlling the state’s rampant drug problem, it could drastically lessen the number of crimes statewide. But of course, the crackdown near the border is a completely different topic.

To this date, the Mexican drug cartel’s persistent drug trafficking is causing a lot of trouble to the United States and most especially in Texas as it is the bordering state. Reports of cartels infiltrating Texas come left and right and it seems like a solution to it is nowhere to be found just yet. 

While stopping the Mexican drug cartel is impossible to halt for now, Texas isn’t giving up on the states and its citizens’ well-being just yet. Instead of placing a hard focus on the problem of drugs getting into the state, the governing body is instead looking for ways to steer away from the citizens from drugs and on helping out those who are already guilty of substance abuse.

For starters, there are already a few coalitions who combat the rampant problem on their own terms and in their own ways. Here are a few of the top coalitions dedicated to combating substance abuse in Texas.

  • The Erath County Community Coalition focuses on improving environmental factors in the community to promote a healthy lifestyle and success for our youth. The coalition’s mission is to develop a safe and healthy county through community action, collaborative planning, and policy advocacy.
  • CDFY – The Coalition for Drug-Free Youth is a collaboration of organizations and citizens working to reduce crime and youth substance use through community mobilization. CDFY strives to change attitudes, behaviors, and regulations to create a healthier community and protect our youth. The coalition uses evidence-based prevention strategies that evaluators research has been shown to be effective in reducing and preventing youth substance use to create safer and healthier community.
  • Northeast Texas Coalition Against Substance Abuse is a part of Next Step Community Solutions, a Tyler-based nonprofit. The coalition is made up of concerned community members and works to prevent underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug abuse in Titus, Morris, Franklin, Cass and Bowie counties.
  • Taylor Alliance for Prevention (TAP): A coalition that is dedicated to the prevention of underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug abuse among the citizens of Taylor County, primarily youth and young adults.
  • CCP: ALOUD’s mission is to encourage community mobilization to implement evidence-based environmental strategies with a primary focus on changing policies and social norms in communities to prevent and reduce underage drinking across Texas.
  • Substance Abuse Council – The continuing effort to prevent, intervene and delay onset of use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in our community. Our projects are designed to educate, empower and motivate positive youth action through the implementation of science based school programs and collaborative efforts.

Aside from these coalitions, the state of Texas and its counties including the county seat of Laredo have state-of-the-art facilities that are geared towards fighting substance abuse.

Treatment Facilities In Texas

The state of Texas is very aware of its rampant substance abuse problem and as such, the government has allowed various treatment facilities to set up shop in the state. These facilities that offer both in and out-patient programs are geared towards resolving the substance abuse problems that individuals are going through, regardless of what stage in the condition they are in.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, treatment facilities in Texas are able to help out individuals by getting to know them better at first. This gives the doctors the idea on how to properly treat the patient.

In the pre-assessment period, a patient is examined to see just how severe his substance abuse is. Of course, part of the pre-assessment period is knowing what substance the patient is addictive to help him better and to give him access to proper medication if need be.

Once the patient is under the care of these facilities, they are guaranteed a slow but effective process in combating substance abuse. Other than treating their addiction, the treatment facilities also go out of their way to aid patients who are past the point of recovery but are showing signs of falling victim to substance abuse once again.

Other than psychological and medical treatment, a vast majority of facilities are also using modernistic methods to approach the ordeal. Some facilities over amazing substance abuse detoxification which is based on proven addiction treatment methods, including strategies and principles that encourage quality of life. All detox treatment plans are highly individualized based on the specific needs and circumstances of each client.

The battle with substance abuse is ever evolving. There are new drugs streaming into the streets and some people are becoming more resistant to a few drug abuse detoxification methods. As such, the facilities in Texas are keen on upgrading their systems and techniques in order to provide the patients with the best help they can find in the United States.

The state of Texas’ efforts in combating substance abuse is amazing, to say the least. They consider not only the patient on a path to recovery but also the patient who are showing signs of reverting back to substance reliance. Rest assured, the victims of the problem in Texas are in safe hands.

A Brighter Future

While drug, alcohol, and substance abuse in Texas is still one of the state’s problems, it’s worth noting that the steps the local governing body are taking is proving effective. Although the problem isn’t completely settled yet, it’s good to know that the government is keen on stopping the problem.

With plans to lessen substance abuse related crimes and deaths, the state of Texas and its counties and county seats like Laredo are going to have a safer streets, not just for the patients who are already addicted, but also for the innocent children, men, and women who are in the state to live healthy lives.

The state’s long-term plans for providing education and support to the vulnerable youth also guarantee a brighter future for everyone living in The Lone Star State. In due time, Texas, California, other states in America, and probably even the rest of the world, are going to be free from the drastic and harrowing consequences of substance abuse.