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Monday, June 17, 2024

Drug addiction in the workplace: Occupational health and safety

Drug addiction has become a major problem for many institutions. It does not matter where it is, whether it is in the professional workplace or even within a school setting, drug addiction can be prevalent anywhere. And this poses a huge problem since addiction can be a detrimental thing to the health and safety to people.

Within the workplace, a lot of people can become addicted to drugs. It is because the high-pressure environment means that they often turn to using drugs as a way to cope with the stress and problems of their work. And obviously, drug use and addiction can present a lot of problems to the occupational health and safety within a workplace.

Why do people abuse drugs?

People become addicted to drugs and other kinds of substances for some different things. Whatever the cause of their abuse of drugs, their overuse of it can only lead to one thing, which is an addiction.


People turn to abusing drugs to help them deal with stress. Stress can lead to drug use because drugs can act as a sort of escape for a person. And when they are using drugs they temporarily escape their problems.

Low energy

There are also persons who use drugs to get more energy. There is a class of drugs called stimulant, which can boost the energy levels and lower fatigue. People who have got a lot to do with the workplace may end up abusing these drugs to up their performance at work.

Wrong dosage

One very common problem with addiction to prescription medication is not following the dosage instructions. If people end up taking the wrong kind of dosage or if they are using their medication too much they can become addicted to their medication. This kind of problem can happen when people take the wrong dosage of pain medication, which can include a class of drugs called opioids.

What sorts of substances are dangerous for addiction?

Prescription medication:

A lot of people are addicted to drugs that are legal. These prescription medications may be legal, but if someone uses them too much, it can pose a risk to addiction. In fact, a lot of these prescription drugs may lead to addiction in the patients.

These are some of the more common prescription drugs that people can become addicted.


These kinds of medications are used to treat chronic pain. Opioids such as morphine have incredibly powerful effects. And unfortunately, they are a big cause of addiction in people. The most common kind of opioid addiction can be to medications such as fentanyl, methadone, and codeine. There is an opioid addiction problem that is happening right now because so many people are addicted to these kinds of drugs. Using opioids can cause a feeling of euphoria and contentment in people. It is why it is such a common kind of medication that people can become addicted. A lot of doctors also prescribed opioid medication to help people with pain, such as after they have undergone surgery. Since it is such a commonly prescribed class of pain medication, a lot of people have become addicted to it.


These kinds of drugs are hypnotics and are meant to help people manage anxiety disorders. However, a lot of people are using this kind of drug to manage their stress. And this is a huge problem because benzos meant to be taken for short term. And if used for too long, benzos can become highly addictive. People who use benzos can develop a strong physical addiction to it. The most common kind of benzodiazepines is Zolpidem, Alprazolam, Diazepam, and many other kinds of similar hypnotic drugs. An addiction to this kind of drug can cause insomnia, depression, and even seizures too. It is a very dangerous class of drugs that can pose a lot of problems if someone becomes addicted to them.


There are also certain drugs that give people more energy. These stimulant drugs, such as Adderall are particularly popular amongst students and manual laborers. Adderall can cause people to have more energy. But it is not the only addictive stimulant drug out there. Other kinds of medications such as methylphenidate and amphetamine are commonly abused stimulants as well. These kinds of medications are meant to treat problems such as ADHD or chronic fatigue syndrome, but more often people end up abusing these stimulants and become addicted to them.

Stressed out people are more likely to turn to drug use

People who are overworked and stressed out in their workplace are more likely to turn to using drugs. It can be something as simple as sleeping pills for their insomnia, but that alone can lead to an addiction to certain medications.

There are also certain medications such as anti-anxiety pills that are also commonly abused by many workers. These pills are meant to relax muscles and lower brain activity. But since they are effective in dealing with stress, many people also tend to use them to cope with stress as well. The problem is, these kinds of drugs such as alprazolam can become highly addictive. And there are physical effects within the brain and body, which can lead to a physical addiction to this class of drugs.

And it does not only end at medications or drugs but stressed out people are also more likely to develop alcoholism. It is because they may end up having to use alcohol to cope with their problems and stress. Alcoholism can cause many health problems too, such as cirrhosis. And there can even be a psychological addiction to alcohol as well, since a person may want to drink all of the time.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a strong addiction to a substance. It can be any substance, such as drugs or alcohol. And these substances can be harmful to the body.  Substances are said to be toxic when found to be hazardous to health. These substances, taken in excess and with no particular therapeutic purpose, can be highly harmful. This harm can both be physical or mental, depending on the type of addiction that happens.

There are mainly two types of drug addiction, and these are physical and psychological. To understand the difference between these types of addiction, you have got to continue reading.

Physical addiction is when a person can no longer stop consuming a substance without experiencing a deep physical discomfort. All drugs do not necessarily cause physical dependence. You become addicted, more or less quickly, depending on the kind of drug you take.

Psychological addiction is when a person can no longer stop using a substance without experiencing a deep psychological malaise, anguish, irritability, feeling of emptiness, lack of enthusiasm, etc. They need to take more and more of the drug to feel better in their own body, to calm down, to stimulate themselves, or to give themselves the courage to overcome their problems.

What are the dangerous effects of drug addiction?

The consequences associated with drug use may be physical, mental, social, emotional or legal. When a person continuously uses a drug despite all the negative side effects, it is called drug abuse or addiction.

Substance abuse can lead to health problems such as illness, injury and physical damage to the body. It can even cause death.

Drug use can also cause personal problems. For example, problems such as loss of motivation and physical or psychological dependence can lead to difficulties at work or at school. Drug use can also create tensions in personal relationships with family members or friends, which can lead to the breakdown of these relationships.

People who are addicted to drugs can commit crimes that they would not commit otherwise.

Drug-impaired people who drive motor vehicles, boats or snowmobiles, among others things, can seriously injure themselves or injure others.

The use of prescription drugs can also cause these kinds of problems. It can happen if you take a drug for too long, if you do not take the right dose or if you do not follow the instructions. Problems may even result from some of the side effects.

What counts as an addiction?

Anyone who overuses any substance is considered addictive behavior. For example, if someone who takes some sleep medication, such as zolpidem tartrate, uses it every night, then they can quickly develop some form of addiction to it. Their mind and body will slowly but surely develop a dependence on that kind of drug. It does not matter if that drug is a prescription medication or not, there is always a chance that drug addiction can happen.

Is drug rehab safe for addicts?

Addicts, as you have already known, can come in all forms. Some people are addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, and even prescription medications. And since the type of addict can vary, there is also a specific kind of rehab center that can treat them, as long as you send them to a rehab place. So be sure to look for the right kind of treatment facility whenever you want to have treatment for a specific kind of addiction.

With a drug treatment facility, the addict will be completely safe. It is because there is a support system that is meant to help them overcome their addiction to whatever kind of substance. This safety is not only for their physical health but also for their mental health as well. It is safe for their physical health because the addict will not get their hands on any substance that could be detrimental to their body. And it is safe for their mental health because the environment inside of a drug rehab facility is free from stress and the everyday worries of life.

Drug rehab is good for physical health

Drug rehab is a place wherein an addict can finally recover from the physical effects of their addiction. As you have probably read previously in this article, there are a lot of physical problems that an addict can face. And an addict would only be able to fully recover from the physical effects of their addiction if they detox and are completely free from whatever kind of substance that they were abusing.

If an addict, who was previously ill, is sent to rehab, then they are bound to make a recovery. Within rehab, the addict will not only be able to detox, but they will also eat and live much healthier. The diet that most patients have within rehab is meant to be balanced and good for the overall health of a person. Therefore staying in rehab is good for the long-term health of a recovering addict.

Addiction rehabilitation will also improve mental health

A lot of addicts can suffer from mental illnesses. Perhaps it was their mental illnesses that also caused them to turn to abusing drugs in the first place, whatever the case, drug rehab can help someone recover from their mental illness. It is because, within rehab, a recovering addict will be far away from the normal stresses and problems. And away from those pressures and stress, they would finally be able to

heal from their mental illness slowly. Rehab is also a place that is from the triggers that could cause a mentally ill person to get even worse.

Most rehab facilities also offer some form of therapy. These therapy programs are meant to help a recovering addict with their addiction and their mental illnesses as well. Whether it is depression or anxiety, an addict can get help about their mental illness, from the therapist and counselors that they meet with, in rehab. A recovering addict needs to address their mental illness, especially if they want to overcome their addiction.


There are naturally a lot of health and safety concerns about drug use. Even if it is just prescription medications, an addiction to drugs can be incredibly detrimental to the mental and physical well-being of a person. It is only through the help of a treatment facility or drug rehab center, will an addict finally be free from their addiction to whatever kind of substance. Within a drug rehab facility, addicts will have access to a support system and various resources that can help them finally get over the problems that have been caused by their addiction. Through therapy within rehab, addicts will also learn important skills that can help them with their drug addiction and mental illness. So the best option for recovery for any addict would be to go to a treatment facility for drug addiction.