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Friday, June 14, 2024

Warning Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder: Everything You Need to Know About

If you are worried that your loved one is suffering from a personality disorder, now is the time to assess him and determine if he needs drug rehabilitation or not. This assessment can help the patient a lot so that you can treat him as soon as possible. This assessment is not to make fun of them or treat them as abnormal. This kind of people are suffering from depression, they feel worthless all the time, and they think they couldn’t contribute well enough to what the society demands from them. Aside from that, they are more sensitive especially to the harsh remarks of the people around them. Here are the following warning signs that you should look for in assessing a person who could be suffering from borderline personality disorder.

Their sense of identity is not defined

People suffering from borderline personality disorder lose their identity. They tend to neglect their core values and principles in life. You cannot expect any serious commitment from this person at all, and it can be very hard for them to maintain a good relationship with the people around them. The dysregulation in emotions is noticeable, and the person is more likely depressed and anxious in everything and anything he does. This abnormal behavior is one of the warning signs that the person might be suffering from borderline personality disorder.

Complete isolation

The person who used to be friends with everyone finally disconnected from the world. You noticed that the person is not that interactive anymore. He indulged himself in complete isolation. He doesn’t seem interested in making new friends, let alone maintain the friendships that he already had.

It’s because the person feels as if everyone is going to abandon him sooner or later. He starts questioning his position on someone’s life. It would soon lead to disconnection from everything because he will fear that at the end of the day, he will get rejected so might as well cut ties with everybody as of the moment.

Intense emotional behavior

If a person is suffering from borderline personality disorder, he will also most likely suffer in intense emotional behavior that involves black and white thoughts. He will think all day how big of a failure he was, you can notice voidness of the person, and he will be unstable in handling relationships that he has because he is afraid that one small decision will finally ruin it for everyone.

This kind of persons, when left behind alone in a house, can over think. It will disrupt his normal routine, and all he would do is to lie down all day and fill his head with negative thoughts. Intense emotional behavior will soon lead to depression and a feeling of losing something you cannot anymore replace.

Sudden emotional outburst

Sudden emotional outbursts happen due to the negative thoughts clouding his mind. Therefore, as you can notice, persons who suffer from a borderline personality disorder will keep on crying for no particular reason, or will easily get mad at anything or everything. The worst thing is that these persons will refuse to talk about their feelings and would rather be alone dealing with their dilemma.

They are now losing control of their feelings. Therefore they are more likely to be seen crying over everything or getting mad at little things that might end up throwing things away and shouting everyone to leave them alone.

Chaos in relationship

If you happen to be in a relationship with someone who suffers from borderline personality disorder, you can notice that he is the one who is making excuses and causing fights, questioning the significance and stability of your relationship. Since he knew that he isn’t capable of handling the relationship anymore, all he could do is to ruin it for the both of you.

In attempts of resolving the problem, the person wouldn’t even keep calm and talk about it. He will wish for privacy, he wouldn’t want anyone to try to understand him, and he will always ask for a fight, even in small things which should not be discussed.

Interpersonal relations are failing

Most of the people with a borderline personality disorder don’t feel good about themselves. Therefore, they little to no confidence at all that they are capable of doing things they used to do before. They are consumed with the constant guilt of something they have no link to, and they always blame themselves for a bad event or catastrophe in which he had no relation to in the first place.

In short, borderline personality disorder can waver your self-confidence. The person will think that his life is now a complete piece of trash and wouldn’t even make an effort to resolve it somehow. He will just watch things crash before him and his world crumbling down.

Develops self-harming attitude

Aside from that, borderline personality disorder can also make the person think of ending his life by his way. He would care if he’s already indulging himself in games in which he cannot play, and decisions that he knew would harm himself in the end. If you notice that your partner or loved one is becoming interested in excessive alcohol consumption that wasn’t there before, or he keeps on doing an activity that will end up harming himself.

To put it simply, the person will think that his life is now a series of a big joke, and would constantly make decisions that can help him to end that joke somehow. The worst part is that, more often than not, people with borderline personality disorder ends up successfully killing themselves if they cannot handle the emotions anymore.

Constant change of mood

Observe how his mood change from being happy and getting irritated a few minutes later. These people get irritated because they wanted to gain control of the situation, but somehow, they cannot do it by themselves. Therefore, they tend to disconnect themselves from the rest of the world, thinking that there is no place for people like them.

Aside from that, these persons are more likely to daydream in the middle of doing something which can be extremely dangerous. Imagine your loved one snapping out of reality while driving down the road or crossing the street. Imagine them laughing out loud in the middle of an exam for no particular reason and then shouting after that. That’s how traumatic they are and the damage that the borderline personality disorder can cause.

Difficulty in cognition and comprehension

People with borderline personality disorder cannot comprehend properly anymore. It’s because their mind is scattered somewhere else and they cannot think fully. They find it hard to concentrate on doing something. If the patient is still a student, you will notice the failing grades because these people zone in and out in the middle of doing something.

They are also most likely to keep on going back to the past. They keep on thinking what has hurt them before and what is hurting them right now but doesn’t do anything about it except believe that they deserve the sufferings they are experiencing right now. It can result to sudden emotional outbursts, as what we’ve mentioned above, and unwanted impulses as well.

A sudden change in sleeping patterns

People who are suffering from borderline personality disorder tend to sleep a lot compared to an average person. Or it could be the opposite—they could be having a hard time trying to get the sleep that their body needs. It’s because they are going through immense mental changes that of course, will affect their physical body. This physical change does not do any good. Instead, it can even pose a great threat to the physical health of the person if left untreated.

Abolishing self-restraint

Sad to say, but people with a borderline personality disorder does not value any self-restraint at all. They wouldn’t care about their limitations, and they can be a little aggressive compared to an average person. Their impulsiveness can lead to decisions of risky behaviors such as having unprotected sex, hurting someone physically for no apparent reason, and talking back to older adults. The patient wouldn’t anymore care about the consequences of his actions or what happens next if he continues his wrong doings.

Not participating in any social activities

As what we’ve mentioned above, since the self-confidence and self-esteem of an individual slowly vanishes, he is not likely to be seen in any social activities even if he is invited. His borderline personality disorder will get the worst out of him, in which he will keep on telling himself that spending time with his family or friends will bring no good and he will just be left behind so it would be better if he refuses to attend the gathering anymore.

What’s alarming is that some patients tend to seek for others who are suffering from the same dillemma., neglecting people who used to be important to them before.

Being defensive

Since the person thinks that everyone is against him and will soon abandon him, he is always in a defensive posture about everything. Since they feel unwanted by the people surrounding them, they tend to use harsher words, disdain, and sometimes violent reactions to make sure that people will stop blaming them even if they aren’t being blamed in the first place.

They also do not accept any constructive criticism at all. They would talk back if someone tries to correct them and will eventually get angry soon after. They wouldn’t appreciate someone offering help, and they would immediately conclude that everything they are doing is wrong but it’d be better if no one tries to help them at all.

Chronic depression

Obviously, anyone who is anxious about anything and everything will eventually suffer from chronic depression. They would think that no matter what they do, all their efforts will directly go to trash. Even if they are doing something they used to love, it will not anymore bring pleasure to the patient.

Their perception will change. They would soon think that every little thing about their lives a big question mark. There is no pleasure in doing someone anymore. Life is just a boring ride that would soon end so might as well do nothing about it. Even if you bring them foods, things, or take them to their favorite places, you cannot see the excitement in their eyes anymore. They will not look forward to anything and will just keep on moving slowly at present, hoping that this would all end so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the day when he thinks again how useless his life could be.

Distrust of others

He will lose his trust to all people, including all his loved ones, especially with their motives. They would suspect a good intention into something that would hurt them in the end. They are very critical of others, and would not accept any offers coming from other people. You may be wondering why your partner declines your offer for a ride back home or even helping him with his tasks. It’s because they always think that you are about to do something bad and you’ll start it by fooling them and making them believe that all you ever wanted is to help them—which is your original intention in the first place.

While the issues above can be a sign of a minor mental problem, it should alarm you that your loved one is in a silent battle inside of his head. Should you confirmed that they possess at least some of the warning signs, you should immediately call a drug rehabilitation facility and ask for guidance. They need to undergo proper mental health diagnosis to make sure that they are able given the proper medication and an assurance that their problem will not get worse with the help of the professionals.