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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Drug Abuse and Prenatal Effects: Drug Rehabilitation for Pregnant Women

Various studies have already proven that substance addiction can lead to severe fetal effects such as premature birth, a below average weight of the newborn child, cognitive problems in the child, and worse—miscarriage. There are also some cases wherein the child is highly dependent on the drugs if his mother is using it during pregnancy. This condition is referred to as neonatal abstinence syndrome.

If you are pregnant and worried about the prenatal effects of drug abuse, here are the following illegal substances that can cause complicated and involved fetal effects.


Cocaine is one of the most commonly used substances in the United States. A study reported that children exposed to cocaine during pregnancy have complex emotional problems, cognitive problems, low self-esteem, thus limiting their social interaction, and most of them have SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. In fact, the term “crack baby” is referred to children who have cocaine exposure and are experiencing the prenatal effects until adulthood.

The brain development of the child is also affected by excessive cocaine usage. The child will be most likely to grow up having difficulties in comprehension and other cognitive aspects of his life.


Maternal smoking is also one substance that causes mild to serious prenatal effects. Tobacco smoke exposure leads to antisocial behavior, learning and cognitive disabilities, and pre-term births as well. Should you wish to terminate your smoking habits during your pregnancy, your physician might recommend you of the nicotine replacement therapy. High amounts of nicotine in the fetus will eventually lead to more complicated prenatal effects. That is why doctors or even an average person knows that active smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can harm not just the child but the mother as well.


As what we’ve mentioned above, excessive alcohol consumption and nicotine smoking are both harmful for pregnant women. Neurodevelopment consequences are noticeable in children who were exposed to active alcohol drinking during pregnancy. It can also affect their intellectual ability and their understanding as they grow up. Alcohol consumption can also disrupt neuronal migration, and it also lowers the level of myelination.

Controlling drug abuse

Now that you know the variety of substances that can affect the pregnancy of the woman and the child let’s move on the drug rehabilitation programs intended for expectant mothers. The said facilities also focus on women who cannot separate themselves from drugs and will help them to ensure that both the mother and the baby is safe all throughout pregnancy. Here are the following benefits of drug rehabilitation programs for pregnant women.

Professionals can guide them all throughout pregnancy

A team of doctors is present in any drug rehabilitation facility. Therefore, you can rest assured that the pregnant woman is guided all throughout the pregnancy. They will help her to keep the baby healthy by imposing healthy and active lifestyle, providing the right foods, and most importantly, keep her away from harmful drugs.

Complete disconnection from drugs

The moderators of the facility will make sure that there are no drugs present in the facility. They will ensure that patients are oriented before they enter the facility. The patient will no longer battle with himself in case the firm urge for alcohol or nicotine suddenly kicks in. A person who is severely addicted to drugs will not think about the consequences anymore. Imagine the prenatal effects these drugs can cause with the examples we’ve mentioned above. The child will suffer for the rest of his life because of his disabilities and impairments due to drug exposure during pregnancy. You can always give birth to a healthy child; you just need to make sure that you stay away from drugs at all costs.

They are provided with the support and counsel that they need

Most pregnant women fear the idea of drug rehabilitation centers because they think that they are the only pregnant women there and the facility is filled with delinquent teenagers. However, contrary to the misconception, there is a significant number of pregnant women who need help in controlling their drug addiction. And most of them are in various drug rehabilitation facilities right now. If you think that your family will not be able to give you the support you need, then you should consider entering a drug rehabilitation facility for the child’s sake. The service can provide you with the professional help that you need, and they will make sure that the substance abuse will not lead to further prenatal effects.

The moderators will sit down with you and let you talk about your drug addiction. They will fix you emotionally, and they will monitor your mental health. Regardless of the severity of your drug addiction, these professionals are more than willing to help you combat the prenatal effects of substance abuse.

It can help them switch to a healthy lifestyle

It cannot be denied that a healthy lifestyle is required for a pregnant woman to give birth to an average child. With that being said, the moderators will make sure that all pregnant women are executing appropriate exercises that both their body and the baby needs, take vitamins to boost their immune system and eat foods that can help them to combat any potential diseases.

Complete recovery from drug addiction

It is not an easy path to take, and it might be very hard especially to the mother, but if you wanted to make sure that your child will have a healthy life, then you should completely break free from drug addiction. The child will suffer from cognitive problems and learning disabilities for the rest of his life. Or if not, he can die the moment you give birth to him. Think again before you start using drugs during pregnancy. It can determine the future of your child. You should not let it ruin his life and yours as well. The effects will not only target the child in your womb but your body as well.

Now that you know the importance of a drug rehabilitation facility let’s take a look at the following signs a woman is strongly recommended to enter a drug rehabilitation plant.

No control in drug use

The pregnant woman cannot sleep at night without having to use drugs throughout the day. Even though she is very much aware of the consequences it can bring, she will still insist on taking the drugs even if it’s already prohibited. If you cannot control the drug use of your wife, mother, or sister, then it’s about time to bring her to a drug rehabilitation facility before it gets worse.

The pregnant women experience adverse effects during pregnancy

During check-ups, a pregnant woman who is actively using drugs can be easily identified because of the effects it has on her body and the baby. The doctor himself will highly recommend that you let her enter a drug rehabilitation facility. The doctor can explain how these effects will get worse if you continue to use drugs and neglect his professional advice.

Denial of drug usage

Some pregnant women are prohibited to use drugs anymore. But they will continue to use it by hiding it somewhere in the house and using it when no one is there to watch. Her drug sessions will continue as long as no one catches her. But if she is already captured in the act and she still denies drug usage because of the strong urge to use it again and fears that the family will take it away from her, she will deny it in front of every body or worse; she will get angry for pointing it out. They will use their pregnancy and mood swings as an excuse to continue using the drugs.

Treating prenatal drug exposure

Clinical research states that it is important to balance the prescription and recreational medicines for pregnant women because it can significantly affect the unborn fetus in the womb. The high risks associated with prenatal effects and the maternal psychiatric disorders are something you can’t easily ignore. Here are the following tips that can help you treat prenatal drug exposure:

Talk about it

First, you should sit down with your wife, mother, or sister who is experiencing severe drug addiction and talk about it. You should let her understand the effects it can bring not just for the child but her health as well. You need to impose proper conversation with her if you are planning to take her to a drug rehabilitation facility so that she won’t feel betrayed or mistreated.

Talk to a doctor

It is important that you talk to the doctor about it. His opinion can help you a lot in doing things to save both the mother and the baby from drug addiction. The doctor will first let you know how it would affect both the mother and the baby and will proceed to options that you have. It will most likely involve in counseling the pregnant woman and making sure that she understands the importance of drug rehabilitation facility.

Taking her to a drug rehabilitation center

Choose the nearest yet best drug rehabilitation center in your area. Do a background research about the center and make sure that they are equipped with the best doctors and medical professionals in town. Aside from that, you might want to talk to the moderator first about the condition of the pregnant woman so that she will be provided with everything that she needs to make sure that she will give birth to a healthy child and will remain healthy even after the pregnancy.

The effects of drug usage on children are something you need to take immediate action of. According to McLaughlin (2011), children who were exposed to cocaine use during pregnancy are most likely to suffer from disruptive behavior and delinquent behavior as early as nine years old. As for the mother, the effects of drug addiction will continue to affect her attitude and personality as a woman and a mother if she does not stop using it before, during, and even after the pregnancy.

To sum it all, drug exposure will eventually lead to fetal and long-term cognitive and behavioral problems in the long run. Unfortunately, it is the child who suffers the most because of the irresponsibility of the mother. Therefore, it is highly advisable that pregnant women who find themselves having a hard time separating from drug usage should consider entering a drug rehabilitation facility.

The service will provide everything they need, even after birth if the patient hasn’t fully recovered yet.  Both the mother and the child deserves a normal life—free from the prenatal effects of drug abuse. The fetus must grow healthy inside the womb of a woman, and drug usage can just affect the development changes of the child inside. Abnormalities, cognitive problems, learning disabilities, and anti-social behaviors are highly linked to drug usage.

Therefore, if you are a woman, pregnant, and you can’t stop using drugs, we highly recommend that you seek counsel to the nearest drug rehabilitation facility in your area. It will not only help you break free from drugs, but it can also provide a better life for your child. Children who suffer from disabilities and impairments cannot enjoy life as much as normal children can, and they are an easy target for bullying. The mere thought that it’s your irresponsibility who put them through that misery is unacceptable. No matter how much you want to take drugs, you should think twice. If it’s for your child, then maybe it’s about time to change. After all, every child deserves to be happy during their childhood and giving birth to them healthy is one of the great things you can do to make sure that they have more comfortable childhood life and avoid complicated problems in their childhood to adulthood. There are many kinds of drug users, but pregnant women are the most sensitive to them all. Do not let yourself be one of them.