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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic Marijuana also is known as “Spice” is a mix of herbs that produce experiences similar to marijuana (cannabis). Spice mixtures are marketed as “natural,” legal alternatives to marijuana, but labeled “not for human consumption.”  They contain dried, shredded plant material along with man-made chemicals that cause mind-altering effects.

For several years, Synthetic Marijuana has been easy to purchase in head shops and gas stations or online. But, the chemicals used in synthetic marijuana have a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit. So, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has made it against the law to sell, buy, or possess them. People who make synthetic marijuana products try to avoid these legal restrictions by using different chemicals in their mixtures.

It is often known by the brand names K2 and Spice, both of which are genericized trademarks used for any synthetic cannabis product. Synthetic cannabis is often termed spice product. There is controversy about calling Spice and K2 synthetic cannabis. “Synthetic” is considered a misnomer because the ingredients contained in these products are mimics, not copies of THC.

K2 was often marketed as incense and sold in packets of herbs laced with synthetic marijuana at “head shops,” gas stations, convenience stores and online for about $30 to $40 per three-gram bag.

The DEA continues to watch the situation and review the need to update the list of banned chemicals. http://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/spice