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Addiction Rehabilitation in Athens


Athens, Georgia is one drive hour towards the north-east part of Atlanta. Athens is a beautiful city on the smaller side and is home to the country’s first university which had been state-chartered and had been built in the year 1785. The university now swells into the city’s populace by about a fourth when more than 46,000 persons come to the city to study or work. Besides, the draw of the different schools, the opportunities of several outdoor recreations, parks, and museums make Athens an incredible place for those persons who love to stay active and love culture. However, the beautiful Athens, with the Botanical Gardens or Melting Pot, Athfest and football games is not considered to be very transparent as they might seem to be. Addiction is present in front and behind the closed doors. It is a recognized issue in the city and is a private and personal concern.

Athens could be said to be a city within the territorial boundaries of the state of Georgia. In Georgia, since the year 2013, the no of deaths has been raised by around 10.2%. In the state of Georgia, Hall County loses around twenty-five people annually to overdoses of prescription drugs, or around every two months. In comparison to this, in the city of Athens in Clarke County, around thirty-six persons had lost their lives to drug overdoses in the year 2016. In Georgia and especially in Athens, children grow up with the notion that the use of drugs is normal. Children having parents who have disorders on drug use have increased dangers of later behavioral and mental health-related issues, inclusive of substance use disorders — SUDs.

One out of five children in Athens, Georgia is brought up in homes wherein somebody or the other would be misusing alcohol or abusing drugs. Alcohol alone or alcohol along with various other types of drugs added to almost half of all admissions for treatment. The data on public treatment demonstrated that among marijuana and cocaine users, alcohol had been the secondary drug which had been used most commonly. People usually begin with alcohol since it is considerably more accessible and the people who use alcohol would probably be those who later get into unlawful drugs. There are fifty times more possibilities for people to use the harder substances if they have been using alcohol. Several of the overdose instances have those about college students who are into binge-drinking. Children view drugs to be a quick or easy response to physical, mental, and emotional well-being issues. They have easy accessibility to drugs and might begin to use them at a more young age. The younger an individual is when the person first starts to use drugs or to start drinking, the more is the possibility for addiction in future. This does not intend that addiction is just an issue for youngsters. Senior citizens and adults tend to face issues on drug abuse. Senior adults are in danger of addiction. Since the year 2002, baby boomers that are about fifty-five to fifty-nine years of age have more than twice increased their illegal drugs use from 1.9% to 4.1%. Regardless of your level of income, social status, race, or age, one could be addicted

Commonly abused drugs in Athens, G.A

Marijuana, synthetic marijuana, heroin, suboxone, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription opioids, prescription stimulants and sedative-hypnotics, remained highly accessible in the city of Athens.

Marijuana: When compared to heroin, marijuana is much easier to get access to. Socially, the use of marijuana has now turned out to be more acceptable. The marijuana users could be anyone and everyone. People who are poor smoke pot more. In case one has money, then one would be found to be vaporizing it. There is an increase in the number of people trying to vaporize marijuana. The number of cases of marijuana has expanded.

Synthetic marijuana: In Athens, synthetic marijuana is accessible from smoke shops, convenience stores, and street dealers. Additionally, from the internet, people are ordering synthetic marijuana. Nonetheless, synthetic marijuana’s popularity has now almost ceased to exist. Common synthetic marijuana users are those persons who get regular testing for drugs being done, who live in half-way homes and are usually on probation. Usually, the synthetic marijuana users are the young–teenagers to around twenty to thirty years of age, who usually make attempts to prevent being caught while on a drug screen.

Heroin: Heroin is easy to get access to in Athens. The earlier users of prescription opioid had changed over to using heroin. Heroin addiction impacts almost all—be it the poor or the rich. The major increments in heroin use happened in those groups which had historically low levels of heroin use: increasing among non-Hispanic whites and women. For middle-class youths, prescription drugs are the typical entryway to using heroin.

Suboxone: In Athens, suboxone had been a very easy prescription opioid to get access to. The usual illicit suboxoneusers could be heroin and opiate addicts. The expanded accessibility of suboxone had been due to the expanded heroin use. Heroin users use suboxone when heroin is inaccessible to them. Orally consuming the drug had been the most usual method of administration, with intravenous injection and snorting revealed as alternative ways.

Crack cocaine:  As per the indicators accessible, use of cocaine in Athens has decreased. The typical crack cocaine users are found to be having low economic and social status and worried about the impacts of the substance.

Powdered cocaine: Powdered cocaine is likely the most difficult drug to get. The usual powdered cocaine users could be anybody from lower to higher socio-economic status. Doctors could also be the usual users.

Methamphetamine: In Athens, the present accessibility of Methamphetamine could be stated to be ten on a scale of ten. The usual methamphetamine users have been stated to be both female and male, having low economic and social status, unemployed, whites, and mostly in the age group of twenty to thirty years.

Prescription opioids: In Athens, the present accessibility of Prescription opioids’ could also be stated to be ten on a scale of ten.  A typical user of the illegal drug might be anybody in the age group of thirteen to ninety-three years, which implies that the users could be anyone and everyone.

Sedative-hypnotics: The amount of cases relating to sedative-hypnotics being processed has expanded. The usual sedative-hypnotics users could be anybody, however, especially the 2 groups: the elderly and the persons who are using stimulants. The usual illicit drug users would be opiate addicts, mostly women when compared to them and between fifteen to sixty years of age.

Addiction Treatment in Athens, G. A.

The addiction treatment would take into consideration: assessment, intake, detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, after-care and somber living. These are discussed below in more detail.

Assessment: Treatment for an alcohol or drug issue normally starts with an assessment of the addiction. The aim of the addiction assessment relates to deciding if addiction is available, the level of the addiction, regardless of whether there are co-happening situations, and to aid in the growth of a treatment design. Experts who are trained in diagnosing addictions usually do the assessment of drug and alcohol abuse in private settings. All data which is given by the clients would have 100% confidentiality and would be used only for assisting in the treatment.

Intake: An intake expert would have a talk with clients on the level of addiction and would ask several questions which are part of the procedure of intake. Such questions are a segment of the assessment which helps the experts in deciding if they could aid in succeeding. The intake expert would answer all your inquiries about addiction rehabilitation of the outpatients. Ensure that you state to the intake expert about your financial constraints so that they could report about your financial limitations to the treatment experts. You might be able to get help, however, with a decreased number of visits every month so that help could be made affordable.

Detox: Several persons initially start their treatment of drug abuse with a detox which is professionally managed. Based on the drugs abused and the suggestions of a treatment expert, this measure could need the detox which is medicinally helped. Regardless of whether medicines are included, all the protocols of detox are done to permit the comfortable and safe clearance of drugs and their lethal impact from the framework of persons in early recuperation from alcohol or drug addiction.

Inpatient treatment (RTC, PHP, IOP): a) Inpatient or Residential Treatment Program (RTC): A setting of residential treatment permits patients to completely concentrate their endeavors on recuperation in an organized, therapeutically regulated situation. Several patients would continue at the same facility with inpatient care wherein they get detox treatment. The suggested duration of stay would be one month period in an atmosphere which is intended to instruct the patient on the tools which are life-changing and which would aid them at the time of treatment and recuperation. b) Outpatient Treatment or Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Programs: For drug addiction, the PHP program is similarly structured like that of the inpatient program, however, it is not as prohibitive. Outpatient treatment is suited for patients who don’t satisfy the medical criterion for inpatient treatment. The Partial Hospitalization Program provides greater adaptability with daily plans. At the point when the patient isn’t involving outpatient sessions, they should deliberately keep away from alcohol and drugs. c) Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): The IOP program is intended for those persons who need minimal structure and does not need the medical help which the alternate levels of care provided. Those enlisted in the IOP program is empowered to freely live with the help of their family and group.

Outpatient treatment: Based on the needs of the person, outpatient treatment could be a great way to getting recovery help from drug abuse. Centers for outpatient treatment are a great option for persons who know they need help for alcoholism or substance abuse, however, cannot quit working or going to school to acquire it. Outpatient treatment is suitable for those whose situation is adequately steady, whose signs are moderate, and who take an interest in participating in the treatment design. Outpatient treatment programs do differ, however, fundamentally they give help a couple of times each week for a restricted no of hours. Centers of outpatient treatment give a level of adaptability which several people need, however, its efficacy could be restricted, particularly for the persons who need psychological and medical recovery help.

After-care: After-care is considered to be a general term which is used for describing any progressing or follow-up treatment for drug abuse which happens after the first rehabilitation program. Regardless of the setting, the provider of treatments, or the techniques used, the aims of after-care addiction programs are similar and are inclusive of the following: Maintaining recuperation from abuse of drugs; Identifying ways in avoiding relapse; Accomplishing a life loaded with a sense of purpose and relationships which are rewarding.

Sober livingIn case you or a friend or family member are making attempts at quit drinking or using drugs, homes for a sober living might be a possibility for you. Homes for a sober living are group homes for those persons who are recuperating from addiction problems. Those persons who stay in sober houses need to follow specific rules and take part in doing errands in the home. In particular, residents need to remain sober all through their living in the home. Staying in this kind of atmosphere could bolster restraint and assist drug addicts or alcoholics to make changes in their life without addictions. Several drug and alcohol addicts use sober living homes to enable them to change from rehabilitation to living freely without using alcohol or drugs. Those persons who live in such kinds of homes are needed to be responsible. 

Addiction Treatment Centers In Athens

In case alcohol or drug addiction is affecting one’s life, Athens has several famous and reliable centers of drug abuse to aid you or somebody you love. In Athens, GA, identifying treatment for drug abuse is never again the struggle it had been in years passed by. Regardless of whether one is addicted to alcohol, painkillers, opiates, cocaine, heroin, and so on such rehabilitation centers could enable you to associate with rehabilitation to receive the best help accessible. One could even find executive or private treatment in Athens, GA to make rehabilitation as simple as could be expected under the circumstances. No programs of treatment in Athens, GA are able to work without suitable licenses. They should likewise adhere to state-set rules on treatment conventions, plans of discharge, emergency preparedness, and after-care help.