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Monday, June 17, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Drug Rehab

The best luxury drug rehab for drug addiction and alcohol offer the highest range of addiction rehabilitation that exists. All possible amenities are found on the menu and therapy and treatments are often provided by highly qualified counselors, all of whom are leaders in their field.

The best luxury rehab centers  are usually located in beautiful place like the beach or the mountain, and you have an environment that offers all the rest and relaxation you need to heal after addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Rehabilitation is the final stage of treatment, during which the former drug addict will have to cope with the psychological dependence on the drug substance and re-restore all the lost social ties and relationships with relatives.

Why Do You Need Luxury Rehabilitation?

A person who regularly takes drugs gradually loses touch with the real world. Before treatment, he spent most of his time in the environment of the same sick people, and his interests were limited to the just consuming drugs to gain euphoria.

In order to acquire new healthy interests and goals in life, isolation in a special institution and cessation of withdrawal are not enough, and social and medical rehabilitation must be inseparable.

Therefore, the period of rehabilitation after discharge from the drug treatment clinic is very important. After all, it depends on him whether a person returns to a normal life or falls through again, finding himself without round-the-clock medical observation.

Immediately after leaving the clinic, this probability is high. After all, drug addiction is a chronic disease that can give relapses.

A constant monitoring of the human condition, carried out by specialists during outpatient treatment, allows time to apply the means of pharmacological correction or provide psychotherapeutic assistance.

Difficulties in Rehabilitation from Drug Addiction

Rehabilitation of drug addicts is a difficult period in a comprehensive treatment program. If in the early stages of therapy, the state of health and the desire to receive another dose could be monitored at the level of drug exposure, then at the recovery stage, great importance is attached to the role of psychological support.

That is why rehabilitation at home is not carried out, as it is ineffective. People who are dependent on any types of drugs in the family should immediately clarify this point and contact only the clinic that offers non-home therapy.

Why the rehabilitation of drug addicts should be held in the center, and not at home?

In the familiar social environment, it is almost impossible to fight drug addiction. There is always a high risk of failure, because the patient can easily make contact with suppliers of new doses.

Of course, in the future, a person will live in a society full of temptations and provocations. Moreover, the social conditions that led him to addiction will remain the same. And in this sense, the task of the rehabilitation center specialists is enormous: to teach the former drug addict to live in society, to look at familiar things in a new way and react to life situations that arise, finding the resource in something other than the narcotic substance.

A comprehensive program in luxury drug rehab teaches the patient to live “clean” and see the main meanings in the family, interesting work, hobbies, etc.

What are the Advantages of Luxury Drug Rehabs?

In luxury rehab centers, are extremely experienced psychologists and specialists who have been trained for many years deal with patients.

The complex interaction with the family of the addict is being carried out. An important role is assisted in finding a job. After all, you should start life from scratch.

The rehabilitation center provides comfortable conditions for staying in an environmentally friendly area - this largely contributes to a change in the perception of the world.

best luxury drug rehabs the recover

What is luxury rehab like?

There is everything necessary for carrying out an effective program for the rehabilitation of drug addicts:

  • Table tennis
  • Billiards
  • Pool
  • All kinds of games
  • Fitness room
  • Tanning beds
  • Spas
  • Weightless chambers
  • Salt rooms
  • Denervation tanks

In addition, it also has:

  • Morning work-out
  • Yoga classes
  • Sauna
  • Cinema therapy
  • Holistic healing
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Creativity Lessons
  • Iv detox with necessary vitamins

Psychological aspect in the rehabilitation of drug addicts

Despite the complex therapeutic techniques, psychological work with each patient is key. On the one hand, a person needs support, understanding, on the other - he does not need pity. On the contrary, only certainty and in some moments firmness in making certain decisions will help to survive the turning point.

Work with drug addicts is so delicate that even loving, worried relatives are not always able to cope with it. That is why, they emphasize that keeping a drug addict at home and consulting a psychologist is not help, but only delaying treatment and rehabilitation from drug addiction.

Instead of full guardianship, which will cause the desire to just get away from him and get another dose, you need professional help. Instead of endless pity, provoking only an even greater self-pity on the part of a sick person, the top luxury rehab team need pity dispensed.

Otherwise, due to excessive torture, the drug addict simply decides not to mock himself, but to take another dose. And if this does not happen on the territory of the center, since no one distributes drugs here, then in the conditions of ordinary life - please. Be sure, the person by heart remembers all numbers, addresses of suppliers.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts: how to return to normal life and prevent recurring breakdowns?

The effectiveness of treatment of drug addicts is high only in cases where not only physiological and psychological, but also social and spiritual aspects are affected. Recovery can be considered complete if the patient was able to return to normal life regardless of the constant and social threat of failure. In this regard, the importance of the rehabilitation period cannot be underestimated.

With a diagnosis of drug addiction, rehabilitation is an indispensable part of recovery. The end of the course of treatment means that further work to consolidate the positive effect can be carried out in other areas. This period should be taken seriously and responsibly, otherwise relapses of the disease are almost inevitable, and you will have to start all over again.

Stages of Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts in Luxury Drug Rehab

The system for the rehabilitation of drug addicts is aimed at restoring the personality of the patient so that he can completely get rid of addictive behavior and start life from scratch. To do this, detoxification is required at the first stage, and at the second stage, rehabilitation is carried out with the direct work of psychologists, social workers, counselors from among the cured drug addicts. A social environment is being created that will provide the patient with all possible support by non-drug and psychological methods.

Psychological rehabilitation of drug addicts involves the use of drugs only to correct residual disorders - for example, depression. On average, the first stage is 3 months.

The second stage is the application of acquired knowledge in real life, after leaving the best luxury rehab. At this stage, the patient needs support in the outpatient psychological assistance groups, as well as employment assistance. It is very important that the patient believes in himself, and assesses the problems that arise, as solvable and not unique.

Addiction treatment is a long and complicated process. In addition, it is complicated by the numerous prejudices that still exist in society. And, although some believe that addiction is not a disease, but a whim, others emphasize that this is a problem that will always be present, and people who have such problems should be isolated.

Therefore, luxury rehabilitation patients are guaranteed complete anonymity - starting with admission to the clinic and until the very return to normal life. Such discreteness includes the transfer of the patient from the airport to the hospital and back, if necessary.

Luxury drug rehab infographic

How does it start?

According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine website through the National Institutes of Health, drug addiction is norally based more on factors like genetic predisposition, social pressure, and mental or emotional factors.

Top luxury rehab centers  usually begin treatment in a remote location . First, patients undergo the “How to live without drugs” training program. Then, after leaving the drug clinic, they will have outpatient treatment with a mandatory visit to specialists.

At this stage, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and volunteers from former drug addicts work with the person.

Complete relief from dependence begins with detoxification.

The first step in a luxury detox center, includes the use of special treatment methods to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Many addicts believe that this is the only and sufficient step in fixing the problem. However, only after withdrawal begins the treatment of the psyche.

Despite the fact that the nature of the disease is the same, each dependence is specific. Considering the personal characteristics and differences between people, our team of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists individually approaches each patient. Because the goal of total abstinence from psychoactive substances is not only cleansing your body, but also helping to develop a strong personality that will be able to withstand temptation in the future.

Taking into account the challenges that you face, and often this lack of motivation to continue treatment, the team usually strive to provide you with the best conditions.

Special programs in luxury rehabilitation centers for drug addicts

The program of a luxury addiction rehab is a plan of complex measures  to guide the client to normal life. There are several world-famous models of social rehabilitation of drug addicts, which, no doubt, give excellent results.

#1 - 12-Steps Program

This was once a program created in the United States as early as the 1930s and quickly spread to other countries. In Europe and Russia, it has been successfully used for more than twenty years. The 12 steps now are to a large extent the ideology on which other programs are built, a consistent way from recognizing a person’s inability to cope with drug addiction to accepting help and consciously starting changes in life. Under the program with an ideology of 12 steps, tens of millions of people around the world are treated.

#2 Therapeutic Communities

Rehabilitation of drug addicts is more effective when placed in therapeutic communities (therapeutic communities), where patients with a diagnosis of drug addiction jointly prepare for life without drugs in the outside world. Life in such a community, subordinated to a common schedule, and driven by common moral values, triggers an unconscious process of adaptive adaptation. Old values are transformed and become healthy. Clear norms and standards are formed by the therapeutic community, in which there is no place for drugs. This is a model of society, on which the patient can restore and work out lost skills and rely on solving their problems.

#3 Ibogaine Treatment

Is it possible to get rid of heavy addiction with psychedelic drugs? Perhaps this question may seem provocative to some.

However, in several countries, including the Netherland and Mexico, there are rehabilitation centers in which such a treatment method is done.

Since time immemorial, the Bwiti into West Africa intoxicate themselves at the Iboga root. Today Ibogain heals addicts worldwide and awaits its long-overdue legalization.

Ibogaine is an alkaloid derived from the root of an African plant called Tabernanthe iboga. In the Netherlands, official medical studies were carried out with it for a long time, but 13 years ago they were discontinued. Today, there is only a few luxury drug rehab clinics have this treatment.

Call today to discover if Ibogaine Treatment is right for you

#4 NAD Therapy via DRIP IV

NAD + therapy supposedly increases energy and concentration, reduces fatigue, speeds up metabolism and improves health. NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is given using intravenous injection (IV) and dripped slowly (that’s why it’s often called drip IV).

The main ingredient in the intravenous cocktail they give you is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, better known as "NAD +". That coenzyme was discovered in 1906, is found in all living cells and is responsible for converting the energy of food into cell’s energy.

The results with this therapy have been great. The therapeutic process is carried out initially with the administration of intravenous NAD. It is a fairly simple procedure without adverse effects, except occasionally and depending on the speed of its administration, there is slight abdominal muscle cramps, which disappear immediately by slowing down its application.

Once a clinical improvement in the patient has been obtained, nutritional supplements should be prescribed to the patient to maintain elevated intracellular levels of NAD.

#5 Post-rehabilitation support

This part of rehabilitation relies on the public and state initiatives to support former drug addicts in their quest to return to normal life, find a job, and take up healthy hobbies. In our country, this area of social work is poorly developed.

Many luxury rehab centers around the world trust their center will provide 100% success with few relapses in clients. The price of sober living will vary on the center but for the most part people who attend the top luxury rehab centers in the world can afford the price to keep the treatment going until sober and they have the ability to say no when in temping situations.

#6 Work with relatives (co-dependent)

If the addict has a family, he is usually code dependent. This is manifested first in the denial of the problem itself, and then in the desire to solve it within the walls of the house, using clumsy methods. Scandals, threats, prohibitions, a hastily invented system of rewards and punishments usually result in increased drug addiction and serious consequences both for the patient’s mind and for the family as a whole.

Instead of consolidating, family ties are weakened, and sometimes completely broken. Rehabilitation of drug addicts in this regard must include work with relatives: providing them with psychological assistance, conducting educational activities in the form of lectures, group work.

#7 Rehabilitation opportunities on an outpatient basis

Rehabilitation after drug addiction on an outpatient basis is possible only at the second stage, when it comes to the employment of the patient and his return to society with periodic visits to psychological assistance groups. The first stage should take place in the hospital and rehabilitation center, and in no case should it be missed. That is why it is important to place the patient in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. A sharp return to the old social environment, full of temptations, without clearly conscious new installations, is fraught with breakdowns and the release of the disease to a new stage of development.

Rehabilitation programs in reputable drug treatment clinics suggest long-term consistent work with the patient and his immediate environment, individually and in groups. Contact only with licensed medical institutions.

Assistance form Close Friendships

During the rehabilitation period, the former drug addict needs the help and support of loved ones. That is why there are separate counseling and training programs for relatives of dependent people in narcological institutions, because they have a long and very hard road ahead of them to bring a loved one back to normal life.

Without a rehabilitation phase, drug addiction treatment is impossible. After all, after leaving the hospital, a person can again return to drug use. During this period, the addict is under the constant supervision of specialists, communicates in groups of former comrades in misfortune and is given the opportunity to start learning and working again.

#8 One-on-One

Many luxury drug rehabs offer the option of one-on-one therapy.  A few of the world’s top luxry drug rehabs only house two to five people at a time, this is a way for the physician and you to fous on only you for the next 30 – 90 days. Many of these clients do not want their identity to be known. The rate of success varies, yet many are proven successful.

Luxury Drug Rehab Used by Celebrities

Amy Winehouse wrote the song Rehab in 2006, describing how they tried to send her to a rehabilitation center. Britney Spears went crazy, shaved bald and was sent to rehab too. Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Daniel Radcliffe, Courtney Love, Kate Moss, Joaquin Phoenix, even the first Olympic champion of independent Ukraine Oksana Bayule - all of them from time to time found themselves in rehabilitation centers.

These celebrities were also treated in luxury rehabilitation centers. Below are the examples:

#1 Silver Hill Hospital

Treatment in this center costs $1200 per day. At one time, Liza Minelli, Truman Capote and Mariah Carey visited it. Also, a great luxury treatment center for depression.

Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are also being treated for sexual addiction. Also, an American golfer Tiger Woods was once rehabilitated there. One day stay at The Meadows costs $35,000. Among the rules of the center, they must wake up at 5:30 in the morning. They should also not wear defiant clothes. Moreover, there is no sugar and caffeine allowed.

#2 Cirque Lodge

This center is located at a ski resort in Utah. The place is preferred by Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen. Each of them at one time was addicted to alcohol or drugs.

#3 Betty Ford Clinic

This clinic was opened by Betty Ford, the wife of US President Gerald Ford. She herself has long suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction, therefore she founded the Betty Ford Center in 1982. This clinic is considered one of the most stringent in the United States. Its patients include Elizabeth Taylor, Drew Barrymore, Alice Cooper, Johnny Cash and Liza Minelli.

#4 Priory Hospital

One of the most popular rehabilitation centers in the UK. Celebrities began to get there since the end of the nineteenth century (the British politician from the businessman Yabez Balfour and the American singer Paul Robson). Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Johnny Depp, and Lily Allen were spotted in the center.

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At Last..

No rehabilitation center can provide 100% guarantee of success yet many of them do, since they are charging such high prices. Since even a methodologically sound, personally tailored programs for the rehabilitation of drug addicts will not produce there fruits without the strength of human will. The client should have a desire to recover, perhaps not immediately, but at the stage of therapy and rehabilitation for sure.

The most luxurious drug rehab centers will make every effort to ensure that the patient showed the desire and strength of mind, such as:

  • Removal of withdrawal symptoms and withdrawal
  • Decrease in psychological dependence

Normally, a Luxury drug rehab centre is more than a regular hospital. Therefore, the treatment in it is like a pleasant vacation. Each chamber is furnished with luxurious furniture, there is a TV, WI-FI and air conditioning. In addition to comfortable and safe housing for patients, they also took care of the housing of your loved ones, because they know the importance of supporting family members during treatment and rehabilitation.

Individual approach to treatment includes special nutrition. The chef will fulfill your every wish. Every day, after the procedures, a favorite dish prepared from the highest quality organic products will be waiting for you on the table.

The main problem in the treatment of addictions is the adoption of new rules, which is why their specialists are at your disposal at any time.

Since mental development must be accompanied by physical training, the top 10 most luxury rehabs  all are equipped with  a personal fitness trainer who will put together a special exercise program at their gym. These work outs and actives are all specialized to fit the personal needs of the client to help them gain the strength not only mentally but physically.

luxury rehab centers distinguish the focus on true values and socialization. Thus, in addition to treating the body and healing the soul, you will be able to devote your free time to occupational therapy, walking, relaxation, and, at the same time, learn some new skills.

Its luxury house is designed not only for group and individual therapy, but also for communication, as in a spacious living room. On warm days, the incredibly pleasant pastime offers a beautiful garden and a swimming pool with Jacuzzi. To enjoy the natural beauty, trips to certain places are also organized. This rest will be pleasant to your body and will nourish the mind after the dark part of life in which you were.

The most elite attend these Luxurious drug rehabs, usually with such secrecy, most of the staff have no idea who the patient is, only the physician. The idea behind luxury treatment centers are to give people the best treatment found in nature and medicine, to fully treat the addiction head on.

The recover luxury drug rehabs

Get the help you deserve to overcome your addiction. Give us a call today and find a treatment center that’s best for you.